Gordon Ramsay's Unlikely Advice For His Younger Self

Gordon Ramsay has achieved what most can only dream of having. His career has taken him to the top of the culinary world. He has a beautiful family and a collection of flashy cars including multiple Ferraris (via GQ). His homes, according to Hello!, include a Cornwall beachside mansion, a house in Los Angeles, and a stylish affair in London. He gets to travel, eat delicacies, and rub shoulders with the rich and famous. And, yet, when he was asked what advice he'd give to his younger self, he had no problem coming up with several responses. 

So, what would a man who seemingly has it all change about himself? In the past, he has repeatedly said that he has one huge regret — ending "Kitchen Nightmares." It's no surprise that he got frustrated as many of the eateries that he helped slipped into old bad habits and found themselves back in trouble. As the Daily News reports, Ramsay became fed up and canceled his own show, but now admits that was a mistake. And that's not all he'd change in a heartbeat. During an episode of "Hotel Hell," the chef says he filmed a shot where he uses the hotel room shower. He confesses that he regrets airing the nude shower scene and apologized profusely (via Digital Spy).

While these career missteps are regrettable, the advice that Ramsay would pass on to his much younger self is far more surprising. 

Ramsay admits his swearing is problematic

In a recent tweet, Gordon Ramsay asked, "What advice would I give to my younger self?" One of his responses was quite remarkable — particularly if you are familiar with his work. Ramsay actually said he should swear less. This is astounding coming from a man responsible for some of the worst insults ever uttered on television. It seems, however, that he does grow weary of his foul-mouthed persona. 

When The Guardian interviewed the chef in 2010, the outlet asked him about the swearing. Ramsay responded with a curse followed by an admission that he was ashamed when he watched a double episode of "Kitchen Nightmares" and realized he had dropped 298 F-bombs. "I'm getting a bit tired of the foul-mouthed bully chef," he confessed. So why does he continue to unleash a barrage of expletives? According to Ramsay, this is how he vents when he's angry. He goes on to explain to Bon Appétit that service is "like four to five hours of being in a pressure cooker," and "sometimes it just comes out." Fans of "Hell's Kitchen" are undoubtedly relieved to know that the chef realizes that his language is a problem, although some would likely say the show wouldn't be as exciting without it.

Will Ramsay's recent admission lead to a "Hell's Kitchen" with fewer bleeps? Only time will tell. But after decades of curse-riddled rants, this may be an impossible habit for the U.K. chef to break.