The Unexpected Connection Between Chick-Fil-A And Crumbl Cookies

The old saying about a crumbling cookie and a reference to an unfortunate, unavoidable situation might be getting a new perspective with the surging success of Crumbl Cookies. As discussed by National Restaurant News, the treat franchise company has seen surging growth rates since it first started baking in 2017. With hundreds of locations and more coming, Jason McGowan, Crumbl Cookies' CEO said that "success begets success." While core strategy of unit economics and franchisee's profitability might create a sweet bottom line, a strong plan to ensure continued success is just as important as following a great cookie recipe that brings people back for another weekly offering.

With Chick-fil-A, the brand's iconic chicken sandwich might be legendary but each order is served with the core belief that people are better together. From being closed on Sundays to the simple phrase, "my pleasure," the quick service restaurant has solidified its position within customer satisfaction and maintained profitability amongst franchisees.

While Chick-fil-A and Crumbl Cookies might see guests patiently wait their turn for their tasty food offerings, another connection has recently come to light.

Crumbl Cookies taps former Chick-fil-A executive to lead expansion plans

As Crumbl Cookies continues to add storefronts across the nation, the fast growing treat company announced a new COO taking the helm, per Restaurant Business Online. Graciela Chadwick, who has worked with Chick-fil-A, as well as other quick service restaurant brands, will be guiding the expanding franchise business. In a company statement, Crumbl Cookies CEO Jason McGowan said Chadwick has "proven experience in helping some of the strongest brands in the world optimize operations."

Looking at that statement, it appears that Crumbl is focused on the operation arm of its business. Ensuring that each franchisee serves a consistent product is vital to maintaining its standards, which supports its loyal following. In addition, streamlined operations can ensure seamless delivery, strong bottom lines, and strategic planning that may bolster growth objectives without over-saturating the market. While no one should expect that a cookie box will be served with a particular greeting, Chadwick could apply the concepts that have earned Chick-fil-A customer satisfaction ratings and franchisee loyalty, and could give Crumbl the advantage it needs to rise to the baking elite. 

Based on the current success of these cookies in pink box, it might be time to rethink the old phrase about the cookie crumbling.