Reddit Has Reportedly Leaked The Next, Uber-Sweet Dunkin' Flavor

As long as restaurants chains have drink menus, fans will find a way to hack them and make their own secret menu drinks. While secret menus used to be sneaky ways for fans to enjoy exclusive drinks via accommodating employees, popular chains around the world have realized that sometimes, customers are really onto something with their creations.

Starbucks, for example, is known to keep an eye on the secret menu drinks trending on social media, and the chain has even given the Instagram-famous Medicine Ball and Pink Drink beverages permanent spots on its menu (via Fortune). McDonald's also realized that fans had brewed up something truly delicious when they requested their Shamrock Shakes to be swirled with chocolate. And so, the official Chocolate Shamrock Shake was born.

Earlier this year, Dunkin' joined its fellow restaurants chains in embracing a beverage that customers have been hacking their way into drinking for years. When Dunkin' announced its lineup of summer drinks this past May, the chain said that fans had long been requesting a secret menu cake batter-flavored coffee. Accordingly, the chain opted to refine the drink before putting it on the regular menu. The Cake Batter Signature Latte combined espresso with cake batter syrup and came with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a mocha drizzle. While the drink was only available for a limited time on Dunkin's official menu, whispers on Reddit claim that fans may soon see the vanilla cake-like drink in a new form.

Dunkin's cake batter coffee could soon be available in grocery stores

According to information leaked on Reddit, Dunkin' is gearing up to launch cake batter donut iced coffee cans, which are allegedly scheduled to roll out nationwide next year. Dunkin' first launched its coffee-in-a-can beverages back in 2018, featuring a selection of three flavors in its "Shot in the Dark" coffee espresso blend collection. Since then, the coffee and donut chain has been relatively quiet about experimenting with new flavors in its series of canned beverages. But if rumors are to be believed, Dunkin' will change that with its new cake batter donut drinks.

While some fans are thrilled about the possibility of canned coffee that tastes like vanilla cake, others are worried about its nutritional implications. "I'm morbidly curious to know how much sugar is in one can," wondered one Redditor, whereas another likened a donut-flavored coffee to a "diabetic coma in a can." Others, however, seemed more hopeful about Dunkin's potential new coffee long as it's not too sweet, of course.