Khyati Dand

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Mumbai, India
University Of Essex
Coffee, Cooking Hacks, Desserts
  • While working at Mumbai Foodie, Khyati has researched, explored, tasted, and regretted her way through Mumbai's food scene.
  • She reads everything from Anthony Bourdain to Julia Child and any book about food in between.
  • She understands different cultures across the world through the way they understand food.


Khyati has worked as a food writer for nearly two years. Before writing for Mashed, she worked as a Brand Manager for Mumbai Foodie. Her love for food began when she lived as a student in London. Having lived in three countries since, her identification of a country starts and ends with its cuisine. She's half writer and half good food enthusiast, and her romance with food is frequently third wheeled by her affair with coffee. In her free time, she likes to read and spends an obnoxious number of hours rewatching Dominique Ansel's French Pastry Fundamentals Masterclass.


Khyati has a bachelor's degree in Media, Culture & Society from the University of Essex in England and has spent a year living in Canada as an exchange student.
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