The Starbucks Fall Ground Coffee Flavors Are Back At Amazon

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Gone are the days when you had to queue up at a cafe to get a decent cup of coffee. With the number of coffee makers on the market these days, from affordable pour-over contraptions to luxury barista-style machines, it's easy to have a quality cup of joe at home. Plus, Business Insider did some math and found that buying coffee-shop beverages every day can cost you anywhere from $240 to $1,200 a year, while brewing it at home only adds up to about $45.

Ahead of the holiday season, however, cafes tend to bring out the big guns with flavored coffees, and it's easy to feel like you're getting the short end of the stick by drinking the same old plain coffee at home. For Starbucks fans, though, that isn't exactly the case. The coffee giant has a reputation for giving its prepare-at-home products nearly as much attention as its seasonal in-store menus.

This year, when Starbucks announced that it was bringing back its PSL, pumpkin cream cold brew, and apple crisp oat milk macchiato on August 30, it also shared word of its series of fall-themed K-Cups, creamers, ground coffees, and cold brew concentrates. While the at-home fall collection can be bought from supermarkets or online platforms like Instacart, Starbucks has also brought the lineup to Amazon for home delivery.

Starbucks' fall collection is selling out fast on Amazon

An August press release shared that Starbucks fans would be able to get their hands on three seasonal flavors of ground coffee to drink at home throughout the final months of the year: pumpkin spice, the fall blend, and salted caramel mocha, which replaced the maple pecan coffee from past years. Available as roast and ground coffee bags, these flavors have also been sold as 10- and 22-count packs of K-Cup pods. Other offerings in Starbucks' fall at-home collection are pumpkin spice dairy and non-dairy creamers, bottled iced espresso PSLs, and pumpkin spice cold brew concentrate. For the first time, Starbucks gave its nitro cold brew a fall-themed makeover with a new canned pumpkin cream flavor. 

While Amazon does not seem to have the creamers, concentrates, nitro cans, or bottled beverages, it does carry the ground coffees and K-Cups, which have tens of thousands of ratings combined. The uber-popular fall collection is reported to have sold out once already on the platform, but it has now been restocked, per Yahoo