The Throwback Doritos Taco Bell Taco That's Making Reddit Hungry

Few snack brands have had the storied career that Doritos does. A runaway success from its launch, the brand has found creative ways to maintain relevance with each new generation (via Snack History). One way is through innovative partnerships, and few have been as successful and long-lasting as their one with Taco Bell (via Thrillist). Both brands boast constantly changing menus and a commitment to innovation that makes their partnership a no-brainer. When the two joined forces in 2012, fans were pleasantly surprised by the tasty combination.

Over the years, sadly, some of the items have since been discontinued, much to the dismay of Taco Bell and Doritos fans. However, with the return of fan favorites like the Mexican pizza and the potential return of the Enchirito or the Double Decker Taco (via Restaurant Business), fans on Reddit are longing for the return of a Dorito-flavored item that's got them feeling nostalgic and hungry.

Bring that cool thing back

OnĀ Reddit, fans of the Taco Bell Doritos Locos tacos reminisced about their love for the cool ranch-flavored Doritos taco shell.

One user regretted not trying the item sooner, stating, "I never tried that one because I always thought I didn't like cool ranch. Then I tried cool ranch Doritos, found out they're actually amazing, and then Taco Bell immediately discontinued these."

One fan reminded the thread that there use to be a fiery version of the cool ranch flavor when they said, "The Flamin Hot Cool Ranch DLT was bomb. You could actually taste the shell in a CGC too." Another fan echoed this statement by saying, "I miss the flamin hot one Not even any substitute for it."

In an effort to be solution focused, one user offered advice on how to make a substitute item when they advised, "Try getting a bag of these and a tb nacho bellgrande with chips on the side. Then put the toppings on the Doritos instead." It isn't exactly the Doritos Locos Tacos, but it definitely can evoke some of the flavor fans of the item miss.