Dai Poole

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Virginia Tech
Music, Food, Politics
  • Dai has four years of experience in music journalism interviewing artists and writing music reviews.
  • Dai was the featured script writer for PBS Soundfield’s music special on singer/actress Brandy Norwood, which has already amassed over 100k views.
  • He has placed multiple articles in the top 10 most-read monthly news articles at The Kitchn and ThisIsRnB.


Dai Poole is a graduate of Virginia Tech with degrees in Psychology and Music. He is a self-proclaimed dessert connoisseur and a lover of all things seafood. When he is not thinking and writing about food, Dai enjoys live music, engaging in political discussions, performing improv comedy, and watching a film. He has been fortunate to interview both major labels and independent artists. His music reviews have often received praise and reposts from the featured artist.


With degrees in psychology and music, Dai writes with a voice focused on weaving the threads of everyday human experiences that connect us all, such as food, music, and politics.
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