Instagram Is Raving About Martha Stewart's Homemade Dog Food

For many people, the thought of having more than one pet might be an instant stress-inducer, but not for Martha Stewart. The homemaking queen's massive animal count is well into the double digits and includes far more than the traditional house pets, reportedly leading her to write that she had a small "ark." And before you start questioning if the cookbook author can handle so many critters while also balancing her busy schedule, don't. "I love all my pets, and I take really good care of them," she said during a 2019 interview with Today. "Many of my friends want to come back as my pet," she joked.

One part of Stewart's stellar pet ownership is making homemade dog food for her four pups: French Bulldogs Bete Noir and Creme Brulee, and Chow Chows Empress Qin and Emperor Han. The television personality explained on her blog that for several years now, she has been setting aside some time every few months to batch-make meals for her four-legged friends, and this past weekend happened to be one of those times.

"40! Quarts of delicious homemade dog food for my lovelies," Stewart captioned a carousel of 10 Instagram photos showing off the fruits of her labor on October 3. "Dogs adore this food and by the way, they are healthy examples of their breeds," she added. No wonder Stewart's pals want to be reincarnated as one of her animals!

Instagram is jealous of Martha Stewart's dogs

Dog owners might want to make sure their furry friends aren't around if they plan on checking out Martha Stewart's Instagram page anytime soon, as her latest post might make them turn their nose up at their next meal. The celeb shared a series of photos showing off the massive batch of homemade dog food made of veggies, beef, fish, poultry, and quinoa that she whipped up over the weekend for her beloved pooches. "It always makes me so happy to be able to provide the best meals for my pets – they love all the fresh vegetables and meats I cook for them," Stewart explained on her blog.

Her animals aren't the only ones appreciative of their hand-made grub – Instagram is, as well. Both chefs Andrew Zimmern and Rocco Dispirito gave their stamps of approval on the doggie meals, with the latter commenting that the upload "might be one of [his] favorite of [Stewart's] posts ever," while others expressed a hint of jealous over the food. "Makes you want to be a," user @fromeuropetoyou wrote. "Martha's dog is eating better than me," quipped another fan. Additionally, several Instagrammers expressed interest in re-creating the dog food for their own pups. For anyone else who wants to do the same, Stewart has step-by-step instructions available on her blog.