Rachael Ray's Greasy Breakfast Twist On Classic Egg Fried Rice

While regions of the country prefer different dishes for breakfast — from flakey, sweet morning buns in San Francisco to grits and grunts in Florida — we can all agree that a greasy breakfast is the best cure after a night of too much drinking. Cincinnati tipplers may reach for goetta, a German breakfast sausage patty, while Philadelphians surely fry up scrapple, a loaf made of pork trimmings and spices, to accompany their eggs in the morning, per My Recipes.

Whether served on a plate, conveniently stacked in a portable sandwich, or rolled into a burrito, eggs, bacon, and sausage are delicious together and a quick way to start the day. The natural pairing is enjoyed globally using regional ingredients. According to Insider, Bánh mì, a sandwich loaded with pork, pickled vegetables, and at breakfast, a fried egg, is enjoyed throughout Vietnam. Or Salchicha Huachana, a pan-fried sausage and yucca dish served with fried eggs throughout Peru.

Thinking beyond breakfast, in Italy, guanciale (salt-cured pork jowl) or pancetta (Italian bacon) is tossed with egg yolks to create creamy and irresistible carbonara. While in China, thin strips of egg omelets are added to fried rice for a delicious meal any time of day, chef Rachael Ray has a signature twist on classic egg fried rice using all the greasy components Americans love.

Sausage, bacon, and egg fried rice

Featured on the "Rachael Ray Show," the TV chef prepared a sausage, bacon, and egg fried rice recipe she calls a "BLD Meal" (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Utilizing day-old, leftover rice, Ray begins the recipe with two, two-egg omelets seasoned with salt and pepper. Each thin omelet is removed from the pan once set, rolled, and sliced into ribbons before being placed aside until later. Ray then renders the fat from the bacon and Chinese sausage, although she notes any spicy sausage could be substituted. Removing the meat from the skillet, Ray keeps the rendered fat in the pan to fry the cold, short-grain rice, imparting flavor from the salty meat and crisping the grains.

Ray layers on more flavor by adding light and dark soy sauce and Shaoxing wine or sherry to the rice. Julienned ginger and leek are sautéed into the rice for freshness, before the ribbons of egg omelet are gently stirred into the finished dish. Ray turns the dish onto a platter and tops the fried rice with diced Chinese leeks or scallion before serving.

Although traditionally made with leftover rice (a great use for the pint of white rice from takeout), Ray suggests placing freshly cooked rice on a parchment-lined sheet pan and placing it in the refrigerator or freezer to cool down quickly. Fried rice is a great way to clear the fridge of leftover meat and vegetables, reinventing yesterday's dinner into a new meal.