Smashburger's New Chicken Wings Have Arrived Just In Time For Football Season

Football season is in full swing, and you'd be hard-pressed to find many Americans who aren't glued to their televisions for hours every Sunday cheering on their favorite teams. Perhaps the best part of "Sunday Funday" is the inevitable snacking that comes with it — to the point that the act of eating wings has almost become synonymous with watching football. Good thing wing prices have fallen according to Today.

Plenty of restaurants offer specials on wings and other snack foods during football season. Now Smashburger, a chain restaurant that has long been known for its burger selection, wants to get in on the action: The eatery has just announced that it's added a line of wings to its menu.

This isn't the first time Smashburger has taken the initiative to serve chicken. Earlier this year, the brand launched two types of chicken tenders. Now, they've expanded to wings — here's everything we know about their version of the gameday favorite.

Smashburger just launched new saucy chicken wings

According to a press release, starting October 4, customers can get their hands on an order of Smashburger wings. Plus, with a $25 purchase now through October 7, visitors can get a free batch by ordering through the app and using the promo code freewings. The new menu item comes with a choice of three sauce flavors: Scorchin' Hot, BBQ, or Garlic Rosemary. The wings retail at $9.99 for an order of six.

The press release suggests that the wings aren't a permanent menu addition, though there doesn't appear to be a set end date for the special at this moment. The wings are only available at participating locations, so those interested might want to double-check that they can get them at their local Smashburger.

Chicken has become a popular menu item for restaurants that didn't previously offer poultry; the "chicken sandwich wars" of 2019 became such a phenomenon that the concept even has its own Wikipedia page. Plenty of fast food chains have introduced wings in recent years as well, including Arby's and Burger King.