Burger King Just Added Wings To The Menu, But There's A Catch

In recent years, fast food restaurants have started expanding their menus to involve sandwiches, sides, and other dishes that were not initially a part of their brand. For example, Panera joined the sandwich wars when it recently debuted a fried chicken sandwich (as well as a grilled option), which was outside the wheelhouse of its typical deli-style offerings.

McDonald's isn't necessarily known for fried chicken either, but the chain once tried to create buzz around its Mighty Wings, or fried chicken wings, in the 1990s. Mighty Wings were a menu item on and off through the years and received mixed reviews, but they haven't made an appearance since 2016, when they popped up on menus for a limited time, per Consumerist.

Now, Burger King announced that it's taking a page out of McDonald's book and bringing its own version of chicken wings to the market. Though if you're wondering where you can purchase the newest BK menu item, you might have to travel further than you thought.

Burger King's new wings are only available in one country

Those looking for Burger King's chicken wings in the United States may be unpleasantly surprised to hear they'll need to travel around the world to Japan — the only country in which the wings are currently sold. According to The Street, Burger King debuted the wings in Japan on June 24. They are known as Yamitsuki Smoky Chicken, which translates to "addictive smoky chicken." According to Entabe, a Japanese food news outlet, the chicken will have an applewood and hickory smoke flavor, as well as seven spices that work together to give it its taste. Customers can choose between a five or 10-piece option. It's unclear how long the wings will remain on BK Japan's menu.

Burger King and McDonald's aren't the only fast-food chains to test out chicken wings. Limited-edition Arby's boneless wings hit the fast food world in late 2021 and initially cost just $5. However, the chain brought them back in 2022 as part of a $6 combo meal, per Chew Boom. TBD if Burger King's wings make it across the Pacific to U.S. menus any time soon.