What A Typical Breakfast Looks Like In Austria

Austria is often confused with another country that sounds very similar: Australia. But the two couldn't be more different. Austria is a landlocked European country located next to Germany, while Australia is also a continent, sometimes known as the "land down under." And although the population of Austria is 8.7 million people, in contrast with Australia's 25 million, Austria has much to offer. You might even be familiar with some of the most popular things from this European country (per Sunset). 

For example, you might know that the beautiful Austrian Alps make it a mountainous country that's famous for skiing. Or you might've seen "The Sound of Music," a popular 1965 musical set in Austria. And if Sigmund Freud or Gustav Klimt, the famous Austrian psychologist and painter, respectively, don't ring any bells, we're confident that some Austrian dishes will make you remember the country. 

The capital, Vienna, has Wiener schnitzel, a dish consisting of a thin veal cutlet that's breaded and fried in butter. Wiener schnitzel is so popular that it also doubles as Austria's national dish (per Travel Drafts). But forget about lunch; let's take a look at the food Austrians eat in the morning.

A typical Austrian breakfast includes bread rolls, cold cuts, eggs, müesli, and pastries

Do you believe that only Americans think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Think again. Salzburg-Visit reports that a traditional breakfast in Austria usually includes semmel bread rolls, hard-boiled eggs, a variety of cold cuts, such as ham and bacon, and the nutritious müesli. Of course, butter is omnipresent for spreading on bread rolls. And when the savory food has been eaten, Austrians often take a few bites of sweet cakes or pastries served with fruit jam on the side. 

And what kind of breakfast would it be without a beverage to wash it all down? In Austria, the preferred beverages are coffee and orange juice. 

Of course, in different regions, you can find different types of breakfast meals. For example, if you're hiking or skiing in the region of Tirol, you can look forward to tiroler gröstl, a dish consisting of fried potatoes, onions, and bacon, usually served in the same pan it was cooked in (per Expatica). Regardless of the region, if you're in Austria, you'll get a true continental breakfast that will keep your energy levels high for the day ahead.