Burger King Is Revamping Its Brand By Throwing Back To A Classic Jingle

In today's world of social media, memes, and "epic clapbacks," one may feel that the world of marketing has changed rather dramatically from the old days of radio and TV commercials. There's a fair argument to be made about corporations and brands taking advantage of social media, and companies have to adapt to the rules of a changing world to survive. Back a few decades ago, though, TV channels weren't saturated with hashtags or shoutouts, but with another type of marketing stunt designed to appeal to the general consumer: the jingle.

For example, if you're an older reader and ever saw a Chia Pet on the shelf of a store, chances are the words "Ch-ch-ch-chia" would appear with crystal clear clarity in your head the second you laid eyes on it. If you saw a Chili's commercial on TV, you'd perhaps catch yourself whistling the famous "Baby Back Ribs jingle" later that night without even realizing it. And of course, if we mention the McDonald's jingle to you, that's all you'll be humming for the next few hours. 

A good jingle, as Chron explains, not only helps to build a catchy slogan for a brand, but it also gets stuck in the listener's head and keeps their mind on the company. Burger King seems to know this, as its newest marketing venture rakes the coals of nostalgia by building around a certain jingle the chain used in the 1970s. 

Burger King wants you to know that You Rule

As anyone even remotely familiar with Burger King can tell you, its slogan had long been "Have It Your Way" until 2014, when the company tossed it out in favor of the more modern "Be Your Way" slogan (via CNBC). Both have the same idea: At Burger King, you're in charge of your meal, and you get your burger the way you like it. Despite another tagline change announced this week, Burger King's newest slogan maintains the idea that the customer comes first. The message? "You Rule."

According to a press release, the You Rule promotion "embraces individuality and elevates Have It Your Way" by "celebrating everyday royalty" in Burger King's customers. To showcase its commitment, the chain released a modern-day take on its classic jingle from 1974. This isn't the first time that Burger King has recommitted to its "your way" messaging since its 2014 rebrand. In August of this year, the chain discontinued its $5 "Your Way" value meal and replaced it with a $6 "Your Way" deal, which was pricier but offered more variety, per Chew Boom.