Chase Shustack

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Misericordia University
American Cuisine, Wine, Restaurants
  • Chase Shustack always wants his writing to be informal, but informative and detailed.
  • His work with Mashed has shown him plenty of interesting and incredible facts about foods and restaurants he loves, and he wants his readers to learn those same facts with him.
  • His writing is always evolving to be as accessible to every reader as possible.


Ever since writing food reviews for his college newspaper, Chase Shustack has always been a man seeking to discover new places and people in the sprawling culinary world of Americana cuisine. He has a deep interest in the stories behind some of the most "American" dishes and people. His crisscrossing of the Northeastern and Dutch regions of Pennsylvania inspired him to search for some of the most unique and colorful places that mainstream culinary society has forgotten. His writing is always evolving to be as clear, as accessible, and as rich as the food he tastes.


Shustack is a graduate of Misericordia University in Pennsylvania. He was inspired to find Mashed after receiving feedback on several published articles he wrote on local restaurants around his college.
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