TikTok Is Loving Gordon Ramsay's Relationship Advice

Relationships are complicated. When it comes to finding love, maintaining it, or even deciding when romance has fled and it's time to start collecting cats, it helps to have advice. But getting good relationship advice is almost like trying to get good financial advice — there are a lot of words out there, but very few of them are useful.

Chefs who are also television personalities have a history of offering input on relationships. This may have begun with the woman who truly defined the domestic entertainment genre, Julia Child. She had a marriage that went on for more than 50 years and referred to marriage as a "lovely intertwining of life, mind, and soul" (via Town & Country). Much was written about Julia Child's marriage to her husband, Paul Child, and some modern celebrity chefs have followed her example, making their partner a part of their public profile.

Anthony Bourdain's relationship with actress Asia Argento showed what it means to be a good partner. Bourdain was often seen supporting her causes, including his role in promoting the #MeToo movement. He also discussed dating tips with Cosmopolitan, where he said, "A perfect date is with a person who eats without fear, prejudice, or concerns about his or her appearance." He went on to explain you should date someone who eats with abandon. They have passion.

Not to be outdone by Mr. Bourdain, Gordon Ramsay is attempting to offer some relationship advice himself. So far, it's captured TikTok's imagination.

Gordon Ramsay thinks a TikToker's boyfriend should propose

TikToker and cookbook author @cindyxcs was hoping to get a little feedback from the famous Gordon Ramsay regarding the food she cooks. Cindy posted a montage of things she made and served to her boyfriend. Ramsay duetted with his TikTok account to give his feedback. He was shocked and disgusted, but not by her prowess in the kitchen.

During the video, the home cook served up a giant burger, cookies, and what appears to be sesame chicken, as well as various desserts and pasta meals. The "Hells Kitchen" star then popped in to give his feedback. To the dishes she cooked, he said, "Wow, they look great." But the celebrity chef had something more to say. "Has he proposed, yet? Because if he hasn't, he should get his s**t together."

Commenters joined in, raising the call for the man enjoying the delightful creations to pop the question. "Gordon couldn't find anything wrong — but the fact he hadn't proposed! You gotta now!" said one person. Another sage merely added, "Wise words," while a third opined, "He should tho, Gordon speaking fax."