The 2022 NYC Michelin Stars Are Finally Here

There are plenty of quick and cheap bites in New York City, but if you want to treat yourself to a fine dining experience, there's no shortage of restaurants with Michelin stars. The Michelin Guide recently released its 2022 list of Michelin-star restaurants in New York City, and it offers interested diners a lot of ground to cover.

Five restaurants on the list held onto their three Michelin stars from previous years and are famous in their own right, including Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare, Eleven Madison Park, Le Bernardin, Masa, and Per Se, according to Bon Appétit. Masa, a sushi restaurant, is currently the most expensive restaurant in the United States, Eater reports, and Eric Ripert is so dedicated to his work at Le Bernardin that the chef likely won't open more restaurants anytime soon.

According to the Michelin Guide, 19 new restaurants in neighborhoods across Manhattan and Brooklyn were awarded Michelin stars. Seventeen spots on the list won a single star, signaling that they're likely to be more affordable than three-star restaurants, and they include places like Clover Hill, Semma, and Joomak Banjum.

What's notable about the 2022 NYC Michelin stars?

Although all of the restaurants on the 2022 Michelin star list are surely getting some buzz, certain announcements have gotten extra attention. For example, Eleven Madison Park retained its three Michelin stars after vowing to cut all meat from its menu last year, potentially meaning that the Guide considers it "the finest vegan restaurant on planet Earth," per Eater.

There's also some press around which NYC restaurants didn't make the cut this year. Grub Street detailed how Peter Luger, a historic steakhouse, no longer has any Michelin stars, though the restaurant will probably do just fine considering its continued success after an absolutely abysmal review from The New York Times in 2019.

Joomak Banjum got its first Michelin star this year, and the Korean-Chinese restaurant's pastry chef, Kelly Nam, was just named the Michelin Guide's 2022 Pastry Chef of the Year. Based on the menu, Nam whips up lavender einspanner, coconut napoleon, and a strawberry tart, and they're paired with unique ice cream flavors like condensed milk, eucalyptus honey, and pesto.

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