Twitter Is In Shambles Over A 'Reverse' Egg Prank

When it comes to cooking in the kitchen, you need to have a little fun with it. Sure, you want to concentrate on your recipe and ensure that you're measuring everything out correctly so your food comes out tasting right. But sometimes, the kitchen is exactly the place for some classic, outright food pranks. Especially when it comes to making eggs, there are endless possibilities for pranks in the kitchen. 

With the average person consuming over 280 eggs each year (via Statista), there's always room to crack an egg with a joke on the side. With the surge of funny and prank-related videos on TikTok, millions of people are sharing laughs in the kitchen with food swaps, taste testing, and more. Even among the professionals in the kitchen, mischievous happenings can go down. When not turning Aarón Sánchez into an "idiot sandwich," Gordon Ramsay has also pranked the likes of James Corden (via TikTok). Other famous chefs might simply appreciate a food prank rather than pull one. Leave it to chef José Andrés to post a hilarious example on his personal Twitter page.

Reverse fried eggs

What came first, the chicken or the egg? In a hilarious new video posted on Twitter by Chef José Andrés, if you turn your back on a freshly cracked fried egg, it might magically turn into a chicken. The video – which received over 422,000 views and growing – shows a girl cracking an egg into a hot pan and turning her back for a couple of seconds to get some spices.

In the sliest and most sneaky way possible, a man swaps her hot pan for an unheated pan with a baby chick in it. The girl screams and jumps onto the adjacent countertop, confused as to what happened. Now time to roll out the incoming comments. "She screamed so loud, she scared the chick out of me – The pan," commented user @MrStacyMartin. "This is what the internet is for. Seriously," said another user. 

However, at least a few viewers seemed to believe it was staged. "The burner wasn't on and that skillet wasn't frying that egg," wrote journalist @nhannahjones, who also posted thinking-face emojis. User @omarleyva wasn't convinced the prank was real but saw the humor: "I'm sure the particular video is fake, but the prank idea is still funny."