Fans Got A Big Kick Out Of Gordon Ramsay's 'Idiot Sandwich' Prank On Aarón Sánchez

The epic bromance between celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay and Aarón Sánchez is the foodie gift that keeps on giving. And apparently, the fans are here for it today as much as they were a few weeks ago when Ramsay rang up Sánchez in what appeared to be the wee hours of an April morning, seemingly eager to show off his freshly cooked chilaquiles to his "MasterChef: Legends" cohost. The fact that Sánchez reacted with what might be summarized as, "Ehhhh," seems only to have endeared fans even more to this duo's dynamic. 

Nor is it likely that friend-shippers of this celebrity chef odd-coupling, who may have been waiting for the inevitable follow-up, would have been disappointed when on May 8, Ramsay posted an all-new video to Tiktok, featuring himself and Sánchez at it once again. This one not only catalogues the continuing shenanigans of this unexpected pairing (per Insider), but also ratchets up the outrageousness factor in two key ways. 

The first is that in this particular video, Ramsay and Sánchez are actually in the same room (as opposed to on the telephone), thus offering the unspoken promise of true slapstick buddy humor. The second is that the two fully deliver on that promise — as evidenced by the fan response to this video in which Ramsay turns his colleague and friend, Sánchez, into a veritable "idiot sandwich" (or at least that's what Ramsay seems to think).

Just who is the idiot in Gordon Ramsay's sandwich?

One of the most satisfying tropes in the buddy-love film genre is that almost-inevitable scene where the characters decide to paint a room together. Paint splatters everywhere, hilarity ensues, and viewers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing (a) this burgeoning relationship is, indeed, as delightful as they suspected, and (b) they don't have to clean up the mess. On May 8, Gordon Ramsay posted what appears to be the foodie bromance version in a TikTok video captioned, "This weekend make sure you #prank your friends and turn them into an #idiotsandwich."

As the video opens on what appears to be "Master Chef" set, Aarón Sánchez is in the midst of a seemingly frantic race against time to make some extraordinarily large quantity of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Ramsay stands close by, goading Sánchez at every turn, until Sánchez half-heartedly pretends to smoosh a piece of bread into Ramsay's face. At that point, all "Hell's Kitchen" breaks loose as Ramsay actually smooshes Sánchez's face between two slices of PB&J-slathered bread. 

Fans are clearly getting a kick out of the scene — as evidenced by the more than 155,000 likes that Ramsay's TikTok video has already earned for itself. Nor is it lost on fans how much of a kick Ramsay, himself, appears to be getting from his prank. "I've never seen Gordon Ramsay laugh that hard," one fan commented, his comment, itself, garnering over 7,600 likes!