Redditors Are In Awe Over All The Ways To Eat This Trader Joe's Focaccia Bread

Some breads get a lot of attention. Everyone knows all about the 16 kinds of sourdough, and rye gets plenty of press. Then there are the unsung heroes of the bread world, like the sweet and spiritual Gata, which Atlas Obscura says is sold by elderly women outside of certain chapels in Armenia. There's also the oft-forgotten focaccia, which might be the best-known Italian export in the world, so says Baking History.

The background of focaccia bread goes all the way back to the Etruscans (per Britannica). They made panis focacius which translates roughly to "bread of the hearth." This is because the "focaccia" refers to the focus of a house, which used to be the fireplace or hearth. The hearth was used to cook focaccia bread.

Today, an authentic Italian recipe for focaccia still requires a lot of patiently watching and waiting for the bread to be done. Then, it must be properly served, which usually means cutting it into wedges, as Leaf recommends, or just slapping some toppings on it, the way Quora commenters suggest.

However, if you are looking for more succulent serving suggestions, there's a social media app for that.

How the internet thinks focaccia bread should be eaten

There's one person on Reddit who seems to be a complete newbie to the wonderful world of focaccia bread. They wisely sought the counsel of their fellow humans by posting a picture of a fresh new loaf of focaccia that carries french and caramelized onions, as well as cheeses. With this picture, they asked, "Any ideas what to eat/make with it?"

"Butter is always the answer," offered a cook who prefers the simple things in life. Some didn't even care about the butter, saying, "I just warmed it up in the toaster oven and put it straight into my gob."

Those seeking a little more depth and variety had some serving suggestions. One person claimed they had "paired it with the autumn harvest soup for a quick lunch. Next time, I'll use it to make paninis."

Sandwiches and burgers made several appearances on the suggestions, with a commenter saying, "I've been considering putting a turkey burger inside of it."

For anyone who wants a full recipe, commenter u/azzyazzyazzy offered one up that has many steps, but ends with a glorious outcome.