What You Need To Know About Del Taco's Tacoberfest

Thanksgiving is widely believed to be the best day of the year for food, but when it comes to the greatest month for grub, October might just take the cake — and not just because it's National Dessert Month. In addition to sweet treats, National Today notes that many other fan-favorite goodies like pizza, pasta, and chili are also celebrated for the full 31 days of October, and there are several singular food days during the month, as well. October 4, for example, is both National Taco Day and National Cinnamon Roll Day, while National Chocolate Cupcake Day and National Greasy Food Day occur a bit later in the month.

Halloween, of course, serves as the end cap to October, which is basically National Candy Day 2.0 (or rather, 1.0, as the real National Candy Day is on November 4). Oh, and did we also mention that there are four, sometimes even five, full weekends of football games and their traditionally snacktastic fare throughout the month? Because there are.

Needless to say, we think the case is pretty strong for October being declared the best food month of the year. However, if you still need some convincing, you may be interested in Del Taco's contribution to the campaign. According to Chew Boom, the California-based fast-food chain is turning October into Tacober this year with 31 days of delicious deals collectively known as Tacoberfest. Here's everything you need to know about the month-long promotion.

Del Yeah! Rewards members get exclusive access to Del Taco's Tacoberfest deals

You've likely heard of Oktoberfest, but what about Tacoberfest? Probably not, as Chew Boom reports that 2022 marks the first year that Del Taco is hosting this month of delicious deals. Available exclusively to Del Yeah! Rewards members, the chain's German-inspired promotion features 31 days of discounts and offers that can be accessed through Del Taco's mobile app.

The festivities kicked off on October 1 and have been swapped out daily ever since — but there's no need to feel sad for missing out on the first 10 days of deals. The remainder of the Tacoberfest calendar is chock full of offers like free BOGO crispy chicken tacos on October 12, free beyond tacos on October 20, and double points every Tuesday. Deals can be redeemed by registered Del Yeah! devotees once per day, and can only be applied to orders placed via the chain's website or mobile app. Members that also order at least one of the eatery's signature Del Taco every week will earn a Tacoberfest badge.

For some reason, Tacoberfest hasn't generated much buzz online. However, fans that have heard of it seem excited to take part. "This plus the Taco Bell pass severely defeats every other food chain for the whole month," Redditor u/Jeskid14 wrote. "Next month will be Tacovember," said another in jest — though considering all the deals Del Taco is offering for Tacoberfest, that would certainly be nice.