The Reason Halloween Candy Is Sold Super Early

It always seems like stores are way ahead of the curve when it comes to stocking their shelves with holiday-themed goodies, even if the holiday is months away. Not only do we see this happening in stores across America each year, but you can also hear TV and radio ads promoting holiday deals super early, getting the consumer's brain primed for their next big shopping spree. Many people probably have at least one person in their life who will turn off the radio in protest of the Christmas tunes that start airing in early fall, claiming irritably, "We haven't even made it to Thanksgiving yet!" The same goes for Halloween candy, which often starts appearing in stores as early as mid-August, per CNN.

During 2021's spooky season, it was estimated that the U.S. spent a whopping $3.1 billion stocking up on Halloween sweets, and it's not hard to see why. This costume-wearing, candy crunching time of year has steadily become one of America's favorite holidays to celebrate. Whether you're just buying a single bag of your favorite Halloween candy to enjoy for yourself or you need enough to fill the bags of eager trick-or-treaters showing up at your door on October 31, retailers want to be the first to capitalize on your candy consumption.

Selling Halloween candy early means more money for stores

The reason why retailers are so punctual in setting out the Halloween treats is simple: The earlier you see these products in stores, the more you will be tempted to start gearing up for the holiday and spending money. Once all that candy, apparel, and decor is laid out in front of you in all its spooky glory, you'll catch yourself rationalizing your holiday purchases with questions like, "Will this costume be here next time I come to the store?" or "What if the good candy starts selling out soon?" Business consultant Roberta Gleicher explains this phenomenon to Yahoo, "It has to do with subliminal psychology. Stores try to keep customers in there as long as possible because the more time they spend, the more they will shop and buy."

Retailers know that the longer the Halloween holiday stays in the back of your mind, the better. Accordingly, snack-related Instagram account @candyhunting discovered a limited-edition packet of new "Ghoulish Green" Twix bars at Sam's Club all the way back in mid-July. You could be an excited planner or an absolute impulse buyer and still find early Halloween candy releases like this hard to resist!