The TikTok Meat Lover Who's 'Tricking' His Vegan Wife

After only so many years of romance and novelty, marriage can get boring. Between long days with kids, sleepless nights, and the relentless passage of time, "spicing things up" in a marriage is almost a necessity. When most people think of this phrase, they may picture intimate date nights or more flattering clothing choices. But for one TikTok star who's gone viral for his version of "spicing things up," such typical techniques are not the center of his approach.

Enter TheMeatTeacher (an apparent play on That Vegan Teacher), a carnivorous father of two who's taken to the video-sharing platform to boast his barbecue finesse, share cooking tutorials, and promote giveaways to his 3.2 million followers. Amid his triumphant efforts to get the perfect sear on a filet mignon, TheMeatTeacher also has a running bit with his wife: In an ongoing prank series with the hashtag #missionmeat, the meat-eating family man sneakily adds animal products to his vegan wife's dishes to quietly trick her out of veganism.

TikTok vegans are not happy with the pranks

In one recent episode of the prank series, TheMeatTeacher adds bone marrow to his unwitting wife's vegan burger patty. Bone marrow is a fatty tissue that lives on the inside of an animal's bones, per Cleveland Clinic. An expensive delicacy for non-vegans, bone marrow can be spread on crostini like a garlic confit or scooped right out of the roasted bone and enjoyed. But for someone living a plant-based lifestyle, it's downright offensive. Vegan crusaders ran to the 28th installment of the TikTok series with some choice words for TheMeatTeacher. One user wrote, "this going to end in a divorce," while another user touched on the legality of the bit: "She's gonna know when she sh*** herself, also if ur in Canada this is illegal."

However, in response to one scolding comment that read, "respect and consent!! You should learn that," TheMeatTeacher hinted that it's all just for laughs by replying, "Sarcasm and Jokes, Social Media. You should learn that." Although the joke seems crude to many, it appears the TheMeatTeacher and his family are perfectly happy, healthy, and likely monetizing the thousands of disgruntled comments that boost their engagement rates.