Why You Should Skip The Turkey At Dairy Queen

With the holidays soon approaching, people will be hosting large gatherings of family and friends to celebrate. One popular main course item featured on many Thanksgiving and Christmas menus is turkey. It may be the only two times during the entire year when so many of us eat it, but the bulky birds reign supreme during the months of November and December.

Most people will be purchasing their turkey from the grocery store and cooking it at home in their oven, but there are other less time-consuming options for those who don't want to put in the sweat and labor in the kitchen. Fast food chains such as Bojangles, Popeyes, KFC, and Arby's have each sold their own versions of fried turkeys to pick up and reheat (per Rare).

But not every fast food restaurant has perfected the art of preparing turkey. An alleged Dairy Queen employee posting to the subreddit r/AskReddit is cautioning customers to skip the chain's turkey and resist the urge to order this seasonal staple.

It 'gets a sheen to it'

Dairy Queen is best known for its hand-dipped chocolate ice cream cones, Blizzards, and burgers, but did you know that they serve turkey? They do indeed, but just because a place offers something, doesn't mean that you should order it.

That's according to Redditor and purported Dairy Queen employee u/scarter22, who shared a helpful insider's tip to the subreddit r/AskReddit, which posed the question to fast food workers inquiring as to what item people should "absolutely stop ordering" from their restaurant. The Redditor advised that Dairy Queen customers refrain from ordering "anything with turkey on it. The turkey comes in these gross vacuum-sealed packages, and it gets a sheen to it rather quickly. Or dries out. Regardless, it smells horrible and only tastes good when hidden under a mound of ranch and bacon. Just ... don't eat it."

That seems like some pretty solid reasoning since turkey probably shouldn't be swiftly developing a "sheen to it" or be emitting a pungent odor. It might be best to stick to sweets — like the couple that has been celebrating their anniversary for 35 years with a DQ banana split (per NPR).