The World's Largest Cast Iron Skillet Has Finally Been Unveiled

The cast iron skillet is as versatile of a tool as it is heavy and sturdy, and it has earned the love of chefs everywhere for a number of reasons. First of all, as the skillet ages, its nonstick properties become enhanced. Cast iron also retains heat better than other materials. Finally, these pans are durable — so much so that they're "virtually indestructible," says America's Test Kitchen.

Perhaps the best known brand in the world of cast iron cookware is Lodge, which makes a pre-seasoned skillet that's only $18 and lasts longer than many relationships. The brand, which celebrated 125 years of operation in 2021, ranks highly on many lists of the best cast iron skillets for their affordability and culinary performance. 

Lodge takes its appreciation for this variety of frying pan so seriously, in fact, that there's now a Lodge Museum of Cast Iron promoting itself as a center of education and reverence for "America's original cookware." If your interests align with this niche, this spot is dedicated to your highly specific passion — and it'll show you a cast iron skillet that's record-breaking in size.

Lodge goes big for museum debut

The Lodge Museum of Cast Iron in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee, opened its doors to cookware enthusiasts earlier this month, according to a press release. Though the museum's opening was announced months ago, it didn't really make waves online until its centerpiece — an 18 foot-tall, 14,360-pound cast-iron skillet, the world's largest — was spotted cruising down the Tennessee highway back in January. Lodge tweeted a video of the pan when it was secured to a 12-wheeler truck en route to the museum, where it remained concealed until the opening last week.

Also on display at the Lodge Museum of Cast Iron are exhibits about how cast iron is made, the history of Lodge, and "cast iron's versatility and cultural significance," specifically in Southern food. Entry into the museum, located in the southern Tennessee city where Lodge was founded in 1896, costs $10. It's unclear whether the price of admission includes free bites of cast iron cooking, but at the very least, you should be able to learn a few tips about how to season your cast iron skillet.