The Overwhelming Amount Of Protein In Subway Meatball Footlongs

Have you ever stopped to wonder if you're hitting all the recommended daily nutritional goals? According to the FDA, 2,000 calories is the recommended intake for the average person each day. Through this, a number of nutrients are included in each person's recommended daily value intake, including calcium, fiber, fat, protein, vitamin C, sodium, carbohydrates, and more. 

Mashed spoke with nutritionist Heidi Skolnik, who said many people fail to meet a lot of the recommended nutrient intake, especially protein. Per the Mayo Clinic, it's recommended to eat 10-35% of your day's calories in protein. With the recommended 2,000-calorie daily diet, this is equal to approximately 50-175 grams of protein. Skolnik claims that protein is especially important when it comes to the body's immune response and is responsible to help the body repair cells and tissues, all of which are connected to hair, nail, and skin health as well.

With endless food options to choose from every day, you might have never stopped to think about if your food choices are hitting those goals. Even more, do popular fast food restaurants help you achieve them? Subway in particular seems to be a great option for those wanting a good protein-rich option.

The mighty meatball sub

While Subway might not be the first place that comes to mind when it comes to ordering a protein-rich meal, you might want to consider it. According to Insider, Subway's meatball footlong is a high source of protein for those looking to hit their nutritional goals of the day. Nutritionist Graeme Tomlinson stated he would order a footlong Meatball Marinara Sub from the popular sandwich chain to beef up his protein intake. When made with hearty Italian bread and basic toppings of American cheese, lettuce, and peppers, the footlong sub boasts a whopping 47 grams of protein. 

Additionally, Subway's footlong meatball sub also averages around 955 calories, 37 grams of fat, and 108 grams of carbs, making this a massive muscle meal for those who want it. It nearly takes up almost all of your daily intake for protein, so make sure to take that into consideration when ordering. With the sub's flavorful meatballs and Italian spices, it's no wonder that it ranked number three as the best sandwich at Subway, although Tomlinson did state "Nutrition aside, it's probably the only thing I'd actually enjoy from their menu."