Subway Sandwiches Ranked From Worst To Best

When it comes to worldwide domination, Subway is a fast food chain that's in a class of its own. They have over 42,000 locations around the world and are present in more than 100 countries, according to Business Insider. No other chain of fast food restaurants has more locations. In the United States alone, Subway has more than 22,000 locations, which is almost 50 percent more locations than McDonald's, the fast food chain with the second most locations in the country (via Yahoo! Sports).

What makes Subway such a popular destination? The secret is their sandwiches. From the delicious bread to the fresh ingredients, it's easy to fall head over heels for their sandwiches. Add in the fact that you can customize any of their sandwiches in any way you see fit, and the popularity of this place starts making a lot of sense.

That said, not all of Subway's sandwiches are created equal. Some are irrefutably better than others. Let's take a look at all of the sandwiches Subway sells, beginning with the worst of the worst and making our way to the very best.

13. Tuna

When you visit Subway, the one thing you should absolutely never order is their Tuna sandwich. Even if you love homemade tuna sandwiches, Subway's version is just disgusting. First of all, they add way too much mayonnaise. Secondly, the mayo that this sandwich chain uses is gross tasting and has a watery consistency. You can find much better mayonnaise at the grocery store. Third of all, many agree that something is really wrong with the flavor of the tuna. It tastes nothing like the canned tuna you buy at the supermarket. It's so different that the taste of Subway's tuna has got some people a bit alarmed.

Recently, Subway was sued over their Tuna sandwich. In the lawsuit, plaintiffs claimed that this sandwich contains no actual tuna and may not even contain any fish at all. If that's true, that could explain why Subway's tuna tastes so strange. Yet, Subway has claimed that its tuna is only fish with mayonnaise. Even if we find that Subway is right, after all, you should still stay far away from this frankly grotesque sandwich. It's possibly unhealthy for you and it tastes terrible no matter which vegetables you try to use in order to dress this sad sandwich up. Pick any other sandwich at Subway and you'll assuredly be much happier.

12. Veggie Delite

Even if you're the most boring human being on this planet, there's no justifiable reason for you to order the Veggie Delite sandwich. This dull sandwich comes with lettuce, spinach, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and green peppers on wheat bread. Sure, Subway has fresh vegetables and yummy bread but instead of ordering a Veggie Delite, you can easily find a better fast food salad that won't leave your taste buds bored to tears.

Speaking of salads, Subway has a lot of salads on their menu these days. However, these things are also a waste of time and money. Their salads are basically just their sandwiches without the bread. If you don't like Subway's bread, you shouldn't even go to Subway in the first place, making these salads a moot point at best. Unless you're a vegetarian who is trapped inside of a Subway and you have no chance of escaping, don't order the Veggie Delite sandwich or its salad equivalent.

11. Steak & Cheese

If you adore authentic Philly cheesesteaks, you will absolutely hate Subway's Steak & Cheese sandwich. This imposter sandwich tries to capitalize on what makes Philly cheesesteaks popular but it's missing all the heart, soul, and scrumptiousness that makes the real deal so unforgettable. Comparing a genuine Philly cheesesteak to a Steak & Cheese sandwich from Subway would be like comparing a steak you can get at a top steakhouse to a steak you find at the back of the freezer at your local dollar store.

The biggest issue with the Steak & Cheese is the steak half of the equation, which proves to be a pretty difficult hurdle to overcome. The meat has a minimal amount of flavor and the texture is overcooked and way too chewy. It comes with white American cheese that tastes pretty good, but definitely not good enough for you to overlook the subpar meat. The other default ingredients of this sandwich are green peppers and red onions, which don't do much to elevate the Steak & Cheese on their own.

If you want a Philly cheesesteak, then go get a real Philly cheesesteak and don't settle for this sad offering from Subway. It's not the worst sandwich you've ever tasted, to be sure, but you won't dare to order it more than once if you want a good sandwich.

10. Cold Cut Combo

Like the aforementioned Veggie Delite sandwich, boredom is the main problem with the Cold Cut Combo sandwich. On paper, it sounds like it'd be a diverse choice of meats and veggies that will make things interesting. In reality, this sandwich is too plain and tepid to recommend.

The Cold Cut Combo sandwich comes with three different types of meat: salami, ham, and bologna. Individually, those three varieties of meat don't disappoint. However, once that threesome enters your mouth, the flavor is surprisingly underwhelming. You can't taste the individual flavors of each cold cut, while there's very little spiciness or sweetness to liven up the party. Perhaps if you're a small child with a picky palate, this is an okay sandwich. For a fully grown adult, however, you will be left wanting more. Deep in your heart, you will now know that this sandwich deserves to be on the list of things you shouldn't order at Subway.

If you order the Cold Cut Combo sandwich at Subway out of habit, the least you can do is add oil, vinaigrette, or red wine vinegar for the faintest kick of flavor. It still won't be amazing but you'll at least be able to stay awake while you eat it.

9. Buffalo Chicken

The Buffalo Chicken sandwich at Subway isn't bad as you may think, but it also might not be exactly what you're expecting. If you're anticipating something that tastes like Buffalo wings or like the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich you can get at IHOP, you might be disappointed. Instead of using chicken that has been deep-fried, Subway uses grilled chicken. If you're cool with that substitution, then you may very well enjoy this sandwich.

The grilled chicken in the sandwich is smothered with Frank's RedHot sauce, which is quite possibly best sauce of its kind. The Buffalo Chicken sandwich also comes standard with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and ranch dressing on Italian bread. While Subway doesn't have the best fast food ranch, it's decent enough and serves its purpose well when it's used in the Buffalo Chicken sandwich. Some people find that the lettuce and the slices of cucumbers don't taste good on this menu item, though, so consider customizing your order to remove both items.

If you know what you're getting and you keep your expectations in check, it's not a horrible idea to order the Buffalo Chicken sandwich — even though you can do better.

8. Black Forest Ham

The Black Forest Ham sandwich shouldn't be better than the Cold Cut Combo sandwich, but it is. This just goes to prove that more isn't always better. If you order this sandwich, the flavor of the black forest ham will have the room and the opportunity to shine and won't be crowded with other meats angling for your attention. True, this is unlikely to be the greatest ham that you've ever tasted but the texture is pleasant and its flavor is still pretty good. Compared to Subway's steak, anyway, this black forest ham is a godsend.

The basic ingredients that come with the Black Forest Ham sandwich are lettuce, spinach, green peppers, red onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes. To help add some pizzazz to this sandwich, you should strongly consider adding both cheese and sauce. For the cheese, Subway's provolone is a good choice and pairs nicely with the sweet and savory flavor of the ham. White American cheese would also do a fine job. As for the sauce, anything from mayonnaise to honey mustard would work. If that's still not enough excitement for your ham-hungry palate, consider adding black olives and banana peppers for an added flavor boost.

7. Turkey Breast

While this sandwich is only average when compared to other fast food sandwiches out there in the wide world, the Turkey Breast sandwich at Subway is still better than you might have been expecting. Typically, sliced turkey in a sandwich has a neutral taste at best and is only eaten when you're trying to follow a healthy diet. But, surprisingly, Subway's sliced turkey is actually pretty good and flavorful. The turkey is oven-roasted, which results in a flavor with a notable amount of depth.

If you don't alter anything, this sandwich comes on wheat bread with lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, and red onions. You could definitely add more to it but you'll be satisfied even if you keep it as-is. If you want to be the next Jared Fogle — of course, that's meant in terms of weight loss, not his felonious conduct that landed the former Subway spokesman in prison — keeping the Turkey Breast sandwich as-is would be a good idea. If you do, this sandwich has only 219 calories per serving along with 20 grams of protein and less than three grams of fat.

6. Oven Roasted Chicken

The Oven Roasted Chicken sandwich at Subway is a worthy choice that won't disappoint anyone who's looking for good flavor in a fast food sandwich. Actually, it's even better than it sounds. When you first order this sandwich, you probably think you're going to get something with sad little strips of chicken between slices of bread. That's not the case. Instead, you'll receive a sandwich with a large chicken breast in it. The chicken is oven roasted in a way that manages to lock in all the juices and flavor while still retaining decent texture. If you think most Subway sandwiches are annoyingly dry, try ordering one of these and you will likely be pleasantly surprised.

If you order the footlong version of the Oven Roasted Chicken sandwich, there will typically be two large chicken breasts inside the assembly. That said, you should know that this is a pretty filling sandwich for most people, so usually the 6-inch sandwich is plenty to fuel you up. 

Like the Turkey Breast sandwich, the Oven Roasted Chicken sandwich is a relatively healthy choice, depending in part on the additions you make to the sandiwch. In fact, it was found to be the healthiest chicken sandwich in a survey that investigated chicken sandwiches from a number of fast food restaurants that included Chick-fil-A, McDonald's, and Wendy's.

5. Italian B.M.T.

You know that a BLT sandwich gets its name due to having bacon, lettuce, and tomato in it. So, then, what is Subway's Italian B.M.T. sandwich? Is it a bacon, mayonnaise, and tomato sandwich? Is it a bacon, mango, and tomato sandwich? No, the real answer is actually pretty complicated and has almost nothing to do with the sandwich's ingredients. Originally, Subway's B.M.T. sandwich was named after a part of the subway system in New York City. However, the official explanation Subway gives these days is that B.M.T. stands for "biggest, meatiest, tastiest."

That may be a weird retrofit of the original sandwich name, but it turns out that Subway isn't lying. This sandwich is legitimately big, meaty, and tasty. The Italian B.M.T. sandwich features black forest ham, spicy pepperoni, and Genoa salami as its meats. While the Cold Cut Combo is monotonous despite having three types of meat, this sandwich is vibrant from the first bite. You can clearly taste the ham, pepperoni, and salami and there are enough flavors at play to keep your taste buds fully entertained for the duration of your meal.

4. Chicken & Bacon Ranch

Bacon makes everything taste better, right? Melted cheese makes everything taste even better, too. Combine bacon and melted cheese on a Subway sandwich and you probably won't be stunned to learn that the result is nearly a culinary masterpiece.

The Chicken & Bacon Ranch sandwich begins with all-white strips of chicken that have been marinated and seasoned to perfection. If you like tender chicken, you'll be in love. Next up, strips of bacon are added to the sandwich. Then, Monterey cheddar cheese is melted over the top of the chicken and the bacon. To finish, the Chicken & Bacon Ranch is blessed with a generous serving of ranch along with lettuce, spinach, red onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Add it all together and the savoriness of all of these yummy ingredients will assuredly blow your mind.

To kick things up another notch, ask for this sandwich to be toasted. Most Subway sandwiches aren't improved by toasting, but this one definitely tastes even better that way. However, be warned that some Subway locations actually charge money for toasting, as Reddit users on r/Subway confirm. Obviously, don't do it if it will cost you, but seriously consider the toasting measure if it's a free option.

3. Meatball Marinara

The Meatball Marinara sandwich from Subway sounds like it'd be a gimmick. What would a fast food restaurant know about meatballs or marinara, anyway? You'd think that only an authentic Italian restaurant would be capable of mastering this sandwich. Surprisingly, though, that's not the case. This Subway sandwich is actually one of the very best things on their entire menu. This meal probably doesn't classify as authentic Italian food, sure, but your taste buds won't dare to complain otherwise.

On the Meatball Marinara sandwich, you will discover flavorful meatballs that have been immersed in a delectable marinara sauce. The tomatoey goodness of the marinara and the Italian spices in the meatballs are glorious. The figurative cherry on top is the lavish amount of grated parmesan cheese that's added to the sandwich right before it's served to you.

For a limited amount of time, Subway sold a Meatball Marinara sandwich that used plant-based meatballs. It was actually quite tasty. If it ever becomes a permanent part of Subway's menu, it would deserve a spot near the top of this ranking. At the very least, it'd give vegetarians an option that's far better than the characterless Veggie Delite sandwich.

2. Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

If your sweet tooth is pleading for nourishment the next time you're at Subway, one answer is to order one of their criminally underrated cookies. Specifically, their White Chocolate Macadamia Nut is a cookie you should try before you shuffle off this mortal coil. However, there's another option, and it's not a baked good, apart from the bread. Pick the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich and your sweet tooth (and everything else in your mouth) will be overjoyed.

The Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich contains chicken strips that have been glazed with sweet teriyaki sauce until every inch of the chicken is completely covered. The teriyaki sauce is really good, even compared to teriyaki sauce you can find at the classiest Japanese restaurant in your city. The sweetness doesn't stop there, as the sandwich is also doused with a liberal amount of sweet onion sauce. This fat-free sauce is so tasty that you'll be licking all ten of your fingers at the end of your meal.

Many people believe that the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich is actually the best Subway sandwich of them all. While it's very, very close, there's one sandwich that is just a little bit better.

1. Spicy Italian

While it's certainly a close call, the Spicy Italian sandwich deserves to be named as the best sandwich sold at Subway. First of all and most importantly, it's totally delicious. The other reason why it deserves the title is that it's incredibly versatile. Pick any bread, any sauce, any cheese, or any other topping Subway has to offer and it will go perfectly with the Spicy Italian sandwich. This attribute allows you to create the sandwich of your dream without any reservations or second-guessing.

The meats on the Spicy Italian sandwich are Genoa salami and pepperoni, the two most distinctive meats Subway sells. Combined, they have a gratifying spiciness and each bite pops with a memorable amount of flavor. The veggies that come standard on this sandwich are lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, and red onions. But, again, feel free to customize this bad boy to your heart's content. No matter what you pick, you'll be thrilled with the results and you will be in full agreement that this is Subway's best sandwich.