Bobby Flay's Pro Tip For Poaching Eggs

If you're a fan of eggs Benedict, there's no doubt that you're familiar with poached eggs. They may look deceptively simple, but these perfectly cooked eggs can be notoriously difficult to master. A runny yolk is a disaster, while a rubberized egg is equally unappetizing. Fortunately, celebrity chef Bobby Flay has a pro tip that will help you achieve restaurant-quality poached eggs at home.

During an appearance on the Today show, Flay gave a demonstration of how to make cacio e pepe eggs with olive oil toast from his new cookbook, "Sundays with Sophie," which features a collection of recipes that the iconic chef used to make for his daughter. "The idea is that it's Sunday meals — just meals for family around the table," Flay said of the book. "The recipes are incredibly simple and they're really built for the home cook."

So what's the secret to the poaching process for Flay's cacio e pepe eggs?

Poached eggs don't have to be intimidating

To start, bring a large pan of water to a boil and add one other simple ingredient: vinegar. A splash of vinegar in the water will help to coagulate the egg whites, resulting in a prettier final product. Then, crack the eggs into individual bowls or cups before adding them one by one to the boiling water.

Finally, using a slotted spoon or fork, create a whirlpool in the boiling water, swirling each egg around for a few seconds. This secret weapon will help to form a compact shape for the egg. Once all of the eggs have been added, lower the heat and allow them to cook for three to four minutes, or until they reach the desired level of doneness. Gently remove them from the water with a slotted spoon and serve immediately.

Bobby Flay's cacio e pepe eggs recipe that he showed off includes a vinaigrette to top the eggs with, along with olive oil toast to bring everything together. The dish is simple yet elegant, and it's sure to impress any brunch guests. The next time you're hosting brunch or making breakfast for yourself, don't be afraid to try your hand at poaching eggs. With Bobby Flay's pro tip, you're sure to end up with restaurant-quality results.