This Fan-Favorite Pumpkin Pie Is Finally Returning To McDonald's

McDonald's may be known for its burgers, fries, and colorful kids' meals, but to say that those are the only things the company is known for would be a lie. The Golden Arches are also well-known for its desserts, such as the McFlurry, cookies, and of course, handheld pies — those flaky, golden pockets stuffed with piping hot filling.

When we say McDonald's pie, you probably think of its famous apple pie – and you certainly aren't wrong. Since its arrival on menus back in the 1960s thanks to franchisee Litton Cochran, the apple pie turnover has been portrayed as the quintessential dessert to go with a juicy Big Mac and fresh hot fries. So beloved is this pastry pocket of apple filling that when McDonald's altered its recipe back in 2018, folks raced to social media to rant about the change and demand a return to the traditional recipe (via TODAY). It was sort of like the New Coke debacle, except with more pie.

While the apple pie has indeed earned its spot in the McDonald's Hall of Fame next to the McRib and the Grimace, McDonald's has had many different pie flavors throughout the years. One such pie is a classic autumn staple, the pumpkin pie, and it's making its return to a McDonald's near you.

McDonald's pumpkin pie is back at select locations

According to Taste of Home, McDonald's is officially bringing back its pumpkin pies for the 2022 season. The pies resemble your average McDonald's pie, but it has a pumpkin puree and cream filling instead of the usual apple and brown sugar filling. According to Brand Eating, McDonald's first introduced the pumpkin pie as a limited-time item in 2015, with a "baked" version of the pie appearing in 2011.

But does the pumpkin pie hold up as well as its more mainstream sibling or is its only selling point the novelty of having a pumpkin pie from McDonald's? In 2020, Brand Eating gave a review on the pumpkin pie, noting that the cream filling helped to balance out the rich pumpkin filling and was a good stand-in for the usual whipped cream topping. In short, the review praised the pumpkin pie as being a cheap, mess-free, and decent alternative to a standard full-sized pumpkin pie. 

Some, however, weren't as thrilled about the pumpkin pie, according to Insider. Some customers found the idea of eating pumpkin pie from McDonald's to be a less than pleasant idea, although others had to admit that the McDonald's version of the fall-themed pie to be surprisingly tasty.

According to Thrillist, the pumpkin pies are available at select locations across the country. Customers can check out the McDonald's app or online to see whether it is offered at a location near them.