Why You Should Use A Non-Stick Pan To Make French Toast

French toast is a brunch classic, a favorite for breakfast or dinner, and super versatile in terms of the type of bread and toppings. You can even zhuzh it up like Martha Stewart's recipe with cognac and citrus, or go back to a classic French toast recipe that leaves plenty of room for toppings. 

French toast is — surprise — not French. The recipe first appeared in a Roman cookbook and was invented for practical reasons. First, stale bread was inedible. To avoid wasting it, something had to be done to make it palatable, so they soaked the bread in the egg and milk mixture and fried it. The basic dip-bread-in-egg recipe is so universal that different countries have their own versions of French toast (per The Habitat). 

If you want the best French toast, opt for bread like challah, brioche, or even supermarket white bread. Stale bread is best because it's better at soaking up the egg mixture than fresh bread. And you need to get your custard right — not too eggy that your French toast tastes like scrambled eggs, but not so milky that your bread disintegrates (via Real Simple). Using the right bread and custard ratios isn't the only thing to worry about when it comes to French toast. Have you thought about the pan you use?

Find a good non-stick pan for your French toast

Cooking French toast can turn into something of a nightmare for the uninitiated. Have you ever tried making scrambled eggs in a stainless steel pan? There's a reason recipes instruct you to use a non-stick pan. You could opt for something like a stainless steel pan or even your most seasoned cast iron skillet to give you some flavorful browning, but you run the risk of scraping off burnt-on eggs between batches (via Real Simple). And no one wants to do that during brunch, no matter the strength of your mimosa.

Non-stick pans get a bad rap because the Teflon coating breaks down and releases toxins into the air, but that happens when the pan is used improperly (via Healthline). When used under proper conditions, like keeping the heat under 500 degrees Fahrenheit, non-stick pans are a safe and essential kitchen tool. Foods like eggs and French toast are best when cooked in a non-stick skillet. And if using a non-stick pan isn't something you want to do, or you're more of a set-it-and-forget-it person, try a French toast casserole recipe for your next brunch.