McDonald's UK Just Made History With A New Burger

If we asked you to name one burger off the McDonald's menu off the top of your head, what would you say? You may say Big Mac, others may say Quarter Pounder, and some may just rely on the generic cheeseburger. What you may not hear anyone say is the "McCrispy." "McCrispy?" you may be wondering to yourself. "Don't you mean that chicken sandwich?" 

Yes and no. While the McDonald's McCrispy is a chicken sandwich, it's not a chicken sandwich you've seen at McDonald's as of late. According to Delish U.K., McDonald's in the United Kingdom is bringing back the McCrispy chicken sandwich as a permanent menu item, joining the ranks of other classic chicken products like the McNuggets and the Crispy Chicken Sandwich. What separates the McCrispy from its more recent counterpart is that it consists of an "artisan" sourdough bun, an extra-crispy fried chicken filet with black pepper, lemon, and cayenne seasoning, and mayonnaise infused with "cracked black pepper" and "chicken seasoning." Think of it as the "gourmet" version of McDonald's usual chicken sandwich.

According to The Mirror, the McCrispy chicken sandwich will be making its return on October 19 as part of an exclusive "Extra-Value meal" to celebrate its return. Customers in the United Kingdom will also be treated to rappers and comedians promoting the chicken sandwich's return and permanent placement on the menu. Oddly enough, it seems that Canada beat its neighbor in getting the McCrispy back first — at least, it technically did.

What makes Canada's McCrispy different?

If you're wondering why those folks in England got their hands on a McDonald's McCrispy first, you'd be surprised to learn Canada actually brought it back first. But before you decide to make a road trip to see our northern neighbor and score a McCrispy for yourself, there's something you should know.

Unlike the U.K.'s McCrispy, Chew Boom tells us that Canada's McCrispy is much more simplistic than the U.K.'s. Rather than an artisan sourdough bun or fancy mayo, Canada's McCrispy includes a fried chicken filet, shredded lettuce, and "mayo-style sauce" on a potato roll. Canada does, however, have another type of McCrispy, the McCrispy Bacon Deluxe, which adds a slice of tomato and some bacon. 

The Daily Hive's review of the Canadian McCrispy seemed to be overall positive, complimenting the taste and texture of the chicken and calling it a "deeply satisfying sandwich." One Reddit user on r/fastfood had good things to say about the menu item as well. "I think it's pretty good," the user said. "The old premium chicken sandwich was really broad and flat and kind of dry. This one is a lot juicier."

Others, however, weren't as thrilled about the introduction of the McCrispy and recommended sticking to other McDonald's chicken sandwiches or even other restaurant's sandwiches like Popeyes. Whether or not the U.K.'s McCrispy sandwich, with its elevated seasonings and fancy bread, is worth it is still yet to be seen.