The Secret To Angela Lansbury's Favorite Tea

Actress and Dame Angela Lansbury's impressive career spanned over 80 years, and she brought to life much-loved characters both on-screen and on-stage. Sadly, Lansbury passed away in her Los Angeles, California home on October 11 at 96 years old (via CNN). Her legacy lives on through her movie and TV roles. The "Murder She Wrote" star lived a full life and enjoyed many things, including good food and drink.

Constantly working, Lansbury made her return to the London stage in 2015 at 88 years old and spoke with The Independent about the major issue she had with leaving Cork, Ireland and returning to work in England: the tea. "I drink very strong tea, but you can't find it in London," she said. For Lansbury, the stronger the cup the better. She had a very specific brand that she enjoyed the most and would put a request in whenever she would travel outside of Ireland.

Angela Lansbury's favorite tea is from Ireland

In an interview with The Irish Times in 2014, actress Angela Lansbury sat down and spoke at length about her storied career, why she loved Cork, and why she refused to retire. However, the interview was interrupted by a much-needed tea errand. Liking her tea strong and touching on her roots, Lansbury said, "so I am a mixture of Irish, English, Scottish: all of that is very close to my heart. I drink very strong tea. You can't get it in London. I'll have to get some Barry's, but I don't know where."

Someone working behind the scenes of the interview offered to make a phone call to the tea shop, Barry's, and, "supplies were quickly despatched." Barry's Tea was founded in 1901 in Lansbury's home of Cork (via Barry's Tea). While the actress had a deep love for a cup of tea, that's not the beverage Lansbury credited with keeping her young.