The Wu-Tang Clan Song About Sour Patch Kids Kind Of Slaps

If you're not familiar with Wu-Tang Clan, then you might be missing out on some of the world's best hip-hop groups of all time. Formed in the '90s, the American group turned heads and revolutionized rap culture through real-life verses and lyrics touching on taboo subjects, all produced by the group's nine members and voices (via All Music).

Over the years, restaurants and brands across the world seek out influential icons to help them promote their latest service or product, with some being successful and others not so much. Because of their influential status across many audiences, Wu-Tang Clan has been tapped by a number of companies, including Chipotle, White Castle, and even a restaurant offering a 36-course Wu-Tang Clan-themed dinner in Seattle.

What happens when the group's Method Man accidentally lets loose a bag of Sour Patch Kids? Mischievous happenings and some fire lyrics come out to play (via YouTube).

Method Man's World Gone Sour 2011 hit

If you were looking for your newest obsession when it comes to hip-hop and candy, you have found your match. According to The Takeout, Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man partnered with Sour Patch Kids in 2011 to help promote and record his new single, "World Gone Sour: The Lost Kids."

Even more, the rapper went ahead and recorded a music video for the new single, which included animated and "real life" little mischievous Sour Patch Kids wreaking havoc in the rapper's life. Method Man dishes out catchy verses and rhymes as fans are shown the "sour then sweet" candy acting rebellious when they go uneaten. Method Man raps: "First they're sour then they're sweet little dudes / And they gonna fight the power till they food / Now eat em up, Shut up and eat em up / This beat goes hard I just gotta eat it up," (via Genius).

"We decided to launch the 'World Gone Sour' campaign through a hip-hop music video because we are always about stepping outside of our comfort zone and felt this was the perfect vehicle to convey the sneaky, rebellious behavior of our 'lost kids,'" said Sebastian Genesio, marketing director for Sour Patch Kids, on The Boombox. An instant classic, in our books.