Here's Why You'll Probably See More Celebrity-Branded Food In 2022

Over the past few decades, celebrity endorsements of food items have become more and more prominent. Most notably, Dr. Pepper has had a great run of success with their celebrity endorsements, from Kelly Clarkson to Pitbull. And lately, McDonald's has been seeing some pretty decent traction from their collaborations with celebrities to create specialized meals, including pop band BTS.

Chains have made huge strides in their marketing tactics thanks to celebrity involvement. When stars get behind a product, companies receive a big boost in marketing, giving them increased revenue in a way that requires much less creativity in their campaigns than they otherwise would get, especially when the spokespeople are involved through social media. Although some celebs get paid much more than others for these posts, InStyle even reported that Kim K received more moolah from one Instagram share than on an entire season of her reality show. But, despite the possibility of a big price tag for companies, there may be an uptick in 2022 of endorsements — and not just for fast food, but for groceries too.

Grocery stores will be the next place to see food stars

As the pandemic rages on, many are still uncertain about the state of things over the next few months and whether in-person dining will even be allowed, making the grocery store a go-to place for food stuffs — hence where a new field of celebrity endorsements may start to increase. While there are some celeb chefs whose names and restaurants would elicit excitement for the regular restaurant-goer, Fine Dining Lovers notes that, in 2022, you can expect many of those popular high-profile places and names to start selling their goods in grocery stores as a new revenue stream.

Places like David Chang's Momofuku already have foods that can be found in Whole Foods, Ana Roš now offers a product line in Slovenian retailer Tuš, and Osso restaurant and butchery can be found in grocery stores in Peru, according to the article. As the uncertainty of the pandemic continues to be nurtured, the range of products like these will continue to grow. But to be frank, even once everyone has gone back to their normal lives, most probably would not hate the option to take home some of their favorites and make them in their ovens rather than get dressed up to have them prepared in a restaurant instead.