Reddit Is Getting A Pile Of Laughs Out Of This Accidental Chick-Fil-A Order

It's hard to find a restaurant these days that isn't touting a mobile app for its customers to use. Sure, signing up for each and every one of them can be a bit tedious, but, at the same time, there's also no denying that there are some serious advantages to dedicating a portion of your cell phone storage to your favorite fast food brands, either. Not only do the downloadables typically feature exclusive deals and opportunities to score free food, but, as The Takeout notes, using a restaurant's mobile app can make for smoother ordering and pick-up experiences, as well. Additionally, fast food apps also offer customers the opportunity to tailor meals exactly to their liking, sometimes with customizations they didn't even know were available.

The latter is an advantage that Chick-fil-A app users are particularly fond of, according to the chain's website. However, recently, one Redditor admitted to committing a hilarious blunder while placing a mobile order with the Atlanta-based eatery that led to them receiving a sandwich that was extra heavy on one particular topping.

"Read the app wrong and put like 10 slices of cheese," Reddit user u/ChrisTheMan72 shared with his fellow Chick-fil-A fans on the social media platform last week. The Redditor also included a photo of their customized sammie, which did, in fact, come with a thick stack of cheese slices in between the chicken patty and top bun. At least we know they got their calcium for the day. But was it any good?

Is extra, extra cheese the Chick-fil-A sandwich upgrade we're all missing out on?

Extra cheese is a must-have when it comes to nachos and pizza, but what about on a Chick-fil-A sandwich? Reddit user u/ChrisTheMan72 might tell you it is. In a Reddit post on October 3, the Redditor confessed to inadvertently ordering a chicken sammie with 10 slices of cheese through the Chick-fil-A app. However, instead of ruining their grub, it seems the accidental customization actually upgraded their meal. "I'm not complaining. That sandwich was amazing!!!!" they said in response to one comment. "Like a block of cheese inside the sandwich," they explained elsewhere on the thread.

Though a bit unconventional, the addition of extra cheese is evidently a common sandwich upgrade. "Believe it or not some people actually want this," one person commented. "We've had people order as many as 16 slices of cheese before," another Redditor shared.

Despite the customization's apparent popularity, some Redditors couldn't help but laugh at the goof. "The fact that you took a bit of it with that mountain of cheese is so funny to me," u/catchmeifyoucan666 commented. Others questioned how the extra cheese request was overlooked when each slice comes at an additional charge. However, u/ChrisTheMan72 explained they were ordering multiple items and didn't notice the price, thus creating a beautiful mistake that just might be worth ordering for yourself if you're a cheese fan with some extra cheddar to spare in your wallet.