TikTok Is On Fire After Gordon Ramsay Roasted Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas represents a new breed of celebrity. He's certainly part of the internet influencer generation. He is able to boast more than 24 million Instagram followers, 17 million TikTok fans, and a reach that extends millions more across other platforms, according to Forbes. What Forbes also says is that people like Dallas are part of an age where brands need the legitimacy offered by social media mavens the same way that social media stars need brands to help them translate digital success into real-world capital.

Though Dallas can reach a huge audience, that doesn't mean that everyone likes what he does, or how he does it. One Netflix fan on Reddit had more than a few unpleasant words for Dallas and his ilk. While commenting on social media stars, the poster wrote, "They have next to nothing constructive to say other than their washboard abs and good looks." Put simply, this Reddit user wasn't shy about making the point that they see Cameron as "a conceited d**chebag."

Another Reddit poster criticized Dallas' performance on the Broadway show, "Mean Girls." This person called Cameron a "train wreck," before admitting that his performance in the show was "HILARIOUSLY bad," thus providing some entertainment value.

Gordon Ramsay also has some choice words for Dallas, specifically regarding a video of him pitching a minor fit because his girlfriend won't cook for him.

Gordon Ramsay rebrands himself as a defender of women, and walk criticizer

It's amusing to see Gordon Ramsay trying to transform his image into one of greater consideration. For someone who made much of his career out of spouting some of the worst insults ever, his TikTok videos show a more thoughtful person. Previously, he's also offered relationship advice to guys. Of course, that input was, "get your s**t together" and "propose." Still, it was better than calling someone a donkey.

In the TikTok video featuring both Cameron Dallas and Ramsay, Dallas begins by leaning toward the camera. Words appear on the screen explaining that his problem is that his girlfriend is only going to cook for him once a year. He then slams his hand down and walks away. This is when Ramsay pops in to give Cameron some fatherly advice. "Hey, how about helping her out?" he says. He then wonders why Dallas is walking with a strange, uncomfortable gait.

The people of TikTok rallied to Ramsay's defense. "Not only is he a great chef, he's also a gentleman!!! Take notes boys!!!" screamed someone who apparently had their exclamation key stuck. "Gordon putting this man in place," declared another. Many merely offered some variation of "My king."

Though most were on Gordon's side, a few said he just didn't get it. "Gordon ... this is a form of satire," suggested someone, implying perhaps there's more depth to Dallas than he's being given credit for. Perhaps later they could explain the satire of the tortilla-slap-with-water-in-mouth video.