This Sports Legend Kick-Flips His Way Onto Hell's Kitchen

"Hell's Kitchen" Season 21 is officially underway, and although the latest season of the intense series has introduced a number of challenges, such as a renewed Punishment Pass with a twist, there have also been a handful of light moments. Chef Gordon Ramsay and all of the contestants have done their best at maintaining positive attitudes despite the impending adversity, making this season truly special.

Two episodes of Season 21 have aired thus far, with the next episode, Episode 3 ("Clawing Your Way to the Top"), expected to drop on the evening of October 13. In Episode 2 ("Just Wingin' It"), spirits sank a bit as both teams struggled through their first dinner service. Sadly, both teams proved somewhat inefficient in working with one another to complete their respective tasks. Naturally, two chefs were sent home in this episode as a result of their failures.

Hopefully, the exciting guest star and sports legend who will appear on the October 13 episode will boost morale.

Tony Hawk is appearing on Hell's Kitchen again

Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk will appear in "Hell's Kitchen" Season 21, Episode 3 ("Clawing Your Way to the Top"). On October 13, Chef Gordon Ramsay took to Twitter to share a 20-second promotional clip for the upcoming episode. In the video, Hawk (or as he is nicknamed, "Birdman"), soars up above a skateboard ramp emblazoned with the "Hell's Kitchen" logo. 

Interestingly, it appears that Hawk might not be the only one getting in on the skateboarding action. In another part of the promo, each of the show's contestants also appeared to have helmets strapped to their heads when watching him which begs the question: What exactly will they get up to in this episode? Although the show's contestants are surely accustomed to staying on their feet in the kitchen, taking part in a sport is most definitely outside the norm of the series.

However, this isn't the first time Tony Hawk has made an appearance on the show. He was a VIP guest on Season 11 of the show, which aired in 2013, according to Reality Rewind. But this time, he's not just helping to sample the food. According to Rotten Tomatoes, this episode will see Hawk accompanied by Olympic Medalist Sky Brown, and they will both "teach the contestants a lesson on hard work and success."