Kit Kat Has A Spooky Way To Give You Never-Ending Candy This Halloween

When you were trick-or-treating as a kid, how many times did you come upon a house that just had a bowl full of candy on the front porch with a little paper sign telling you to take only one? Did you obey the request of the homeowners and, despite wanting nothing more than to grab two handfuls of candy and drop them in your bag, only take one measly Kit Kat bar to hold you over? Or did you throw ethics to the side for fistfuls of sweet chocolate ambrosia, understanding that it is every trick-or-treater for themselves on these cold suburban streets? 

The answer doesn't matter to us. What matters is that many trick-or-treaters to this day are still faced with the temptation of taking only one piece of candy and respecting the homeowner's wishes or breaking the rules for a quick payday of candy. Kit Kat, however, promises a solution to this childhood stalemate. 

Of course, the crispy chocolate candy has a vested interest in the Halloween season. In 2013, Kit Kat was rated one of America's most-favored Halloween candies (via MarketWatch). Additionally, The Chicago Tribune reported in 2021 that Kit Kats are among the first candies to fly off the shelves in anticipation of October 31. Unsurprisingly, Kit Kat isn't afraid to make an extra buck this time of year. 

That's why the company is releasing a special bowl that promises an endless supply of Kit Kats — a truly never-ending candy bowl.

Kit Kat's bowl refills with candy bars

According to PR Newswire, Kit Kat's newest Halloween product seems to be a plastic bowl stamped with the Kit Kat logo and a message inviting trick-or-treaters to take as many as they want. As soon as the kids go and grab a handful of fun-sized Kit Kats, the bowl will flash red and more candy will rise to the top of the bowl, with more Kit Kats at the bottom. Another kid grabs even more Kit Kats, and the bowl refills itself again, like an endless candy fountain.

The "Trick-or-Treat Bowl" is designed around automatically refilling itself with candy after each visit, preventing someone from taking all of the candy for themselves while still ensuring that everyone gets their own fair share. The "trick" isn't thanks to some obscure Celtic black magic (or at least we hope it isn't), but instead involves a hidden mechanism within the bowl that raises more candy to the top, giving it the illusion of being refilled.

The Hershey Company debuted the Trick-or-Treat Bowl in Salem, Massachusetts (via Instagram). The company is currently seeking different towns to visit across the country to demonstrate the "magic" of the Trick-or-Treat Bowl. This announcement comes off the heels of Hershey announcing, perhaps ironically, that there may be a shortage of Hershey products — including Kit Kats — for the Halloween season, due to recent supply chain shortages (via The Washington Post).

A refilling Kit Kat bowl would no doubt be welcome, wouldn't it?