The Beat Bobby Flay Guest Judge Reddit Can't Stand

It's hard to believe that the internet was, as the History channel asserts, a project created by the Department of Defense. This massive government secret built in order to enhance military capabilities is now the best place to see cats doing cute things, people eating the hottest sauces in the world, and, of course, to unload opinions on everything under the sun.

What's more entertaining than a good internet disagreement? Consider the brawl that ensued when it came to choosing which is the best of Taco Bell's 'Legendary' Tacos. For some reason, not everyone understands that clearly, the Chalupa reigns supreme. Think back also to the battle over the most overrated spice, when the online world denounced black pepper as being a failure. No spice rack was ever truly the same.

Now the denizens of the internet have taken to their keyboards to discuss who is the worst guest judge on the popular Food Network show, "Beat Bobby Flay." One Redditor is certain that it's Sunny Anderson, and while a few virtually nod in agreement, others in the thread disagree.

Redditors rally in defense of Sunny Anderson

Usually, when asking for an opinion, it's helpful to be objective in the way you phrase the request, so as not to influence the person answering. However, sometimes when you're asking that question on Reddit, it's necessary to state your position so as to avoid confusion. That was the way one thread poster did it when they asked, "Who's the worst reoccurring guest on Beat Bobby Flay and why is it Sunny?"

The OP had clear thoughts and some did agree with them. Comments include "she can be obnoxious sometimes" and "BEING INSANELY LOUD is not a replacement for a personality." However, it seems they were in the minority in the crusade against Sunny Anderson. Redditors took to the comments with "You leave Sunny alone" and "I like Sunny!" One fan chimed in, "She's funny and Bobby likes her. I love it when she's on."

Redditors had no qualms voicing opinions on Anne Burrell, though. "Anne Burrell is absolutely the most annoying chef ever," one wrote, provoking a devoted following. Some comments include, "she seems naturally mean. Like bullying is just a hobby" and "she was the reason I stopped watching Worst Cooks." Many said they dislike Anne because of the rumors that she abused her kitchen staff, and was sued for discrimination (per Eater). While the thread was intended to be about Anderson, Burrell's opposers ran with it.

Anne Burrell doesn't need fans' approval

Though many Redditors can't stand Anne Burrell, she has shown time and again that she doesn't seem to care very much about those opinions. She rarely goes around trying to please others.

Even Burrell's fans aren't immune to her mistreatment. published a letter written by a person who had gone to see her at a live appearance. The letter writer claimed Burrell was "kind of snippy and condescending," answering simple questions with rude remarks or impolite facial expressions. Worse, Burrell reportedly insulted other chefs. When asked about "Restaurant: Impossible" chef Robert Irvine, the letter claims that "Burrell said that he was not a chef and made several disparaging remarks about him." Burrell then reportedly left the appearance without signing anything.

Thus, it seems that Reddit might have a point about Burrell being a poor host, if this letter is to be believed.

Sunny Anderson might deserve fans' approval

For as bad as some fans believe Anne Burrell is, Sunny Anderson, who so annoyed the original Reddit poster, actually tends to get a lot of positive ink. A military veteran, Anderson signed up for the Air Force in 1993, per ABC News. She wanted to be a broadcaster for Uncle Sam. "I knew that there were radio stations, television stations, newspapers, and magazines, for the military, by the military, and I wanted to be a part of that," she told ABC News. (She ended up mostly doing her "Good Morning, Vietnam" impression in South Korea.)

In addition to being the voice of America overseas, and a master at cooking comfort foods, Anderson loves animals. More than that, she loves saving animals in desperate need of homes. Popsugar says she has four rescue cats, all of which have food-related names, showing that her passion for cooking and cat care work hand in glove.

Though Anderson might not always be the personality people want on the small screen, she might just be the celebrity chef the food world deserves.