This Mexican Fan Favorite Is Coming Back To Wienerschnitzel

Wienerschnitzel is probably best known for its hot dogs, corn dogs, and other types of, well, wieners. Although the chain has yet to make it over further east than Illinois (the majority of its shops are fully western in location), the brand has nonetheless won the hearts and stomachs of many hot dog enthusiasts over the years, per its corporate site.

Originally dubbed "Der Wienerschnitzel" when founded in Southern California in 1961, the business was started by one of the first employees of a very different type of chain — Taco Bell (via Nation's Restaurant News). All these years later, the hot dog chain still does big business and in 2020 alone garnered a whopping $265.7 million in sales.

This success is likely propelling Wienerschnitzel to finally go all in on an eastward expansion. They've announced plans to open multiple stores in Louisiana, plus at least 20 in Arkansas in the coming years. As promising as that may be, many Wienerschnitzel fans are currently buzzing about the return of a beloved menu item that harkens back to founder John Galardi's restaurant roots.

Wienerschnitzels' Chili Cheese Beef Tamales are available in select locations

When founder John Galardi opened up the first incarnation of the hot dog chain, he deliberately chose a menu theme that wouldn't compete with the Taco Bell next door where he had previously worked (per Nation's Restaurant News). Fast forward a few decades or so, when Wienerschnitzel added tamales to the limited-time-only holiday menu in 2017 (via Brand Eating). This might seem random to some people, but in fact, tamales are a beloved Christmas staple for people of Hispanic heritage, as reported by News-4 San Antonio.

The chain's popular Chili Cheese Beef Tamales are hitting the menu again for the 2022 holidays, although they won't be available in Texas, New Mexico, or Louisiana, according to the Wienerschnitzel site. The dish is made up of a beef tamale, which is then "topped with the chain's signature chili and shredded cheese." 

Fans are excited over the return of this Wienerschnitzel menu item according to an Instagram post captioned "Taste a Masa-Piece. Our flavor-packed Chili Cheese Beef Tamales are back!" Fans in the comment section offered up all the usual emojis and then some, alongside statements of excitement like "Omg yes tamale daddy yes!"

The tamales are available for a limited time only and while supplies last.