Popular Items At Wienerschnitzel Ranked Worst To Best

When you see a big glowing capital "M" in the distance, you innately know you're approaching a McDonald's. However, when that letter is painted red and flipped upside down to make a "W," there's only one place that should jump to the forefront of your mind: Wienerschnitzel. Founded in 1961 by a man named John Galardi, there was only one lone spot when he first launched the fast-food company (via Wienerschnitzel). Now, however, Wienerschnitzel claims to hold the title of the world's largest hot dog chain, and with 120 million hot dogs flying out the door annually, it doesn't look like it has any intention of slowing down.

Naturally, Wienerschnitzel serves up a bunch of hot dogs, but it also has a slew of other items available. If you plan on making the schlep to the nearest location to see what all the rage is, there are some items you might want to scratch off your ordering list. Unfortunately, there are some definite losers among the wieners, so pay close attention so you can enter the next Wienerschnitzel ready to leave with a smile on your face and comfort in your belly.

12. Biscuit Sandwich

If you're making a pit stop at Wienerschnitzel early in the morning, there's a pretty good chance you don't really feel like putting away a hot dog or two before you begin your day. Hot dogs and hamburgers have never really fit in the breakfast food scene. Wienerschnitzel does offer a breakfast menu, and while it's not too large, there are a few items available that might pique your interest. One of them is likely to be the Biscuit Sandwich. However, do your morning appetite a favor and stay away from it.

Sure, the photo on the menu makes the sandwich looks like it'll be the perfect start to your morning, but don't let the advertising fool you. The biscuit itself is far from the flaky buttery texture you crave, and the fixings in the middle of it aren't hot and filled with flavor either. The texture of the egg feels rubbery, and the cheese on top is room temperature by the time it gets to your mouth. The only flavorful ingredient is the bacon and sausage, but they're not worth putting up with the rest of this handheld letdown.

11. Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno poppers are one of those appetizers that tend to find themselves at most parties, and for good reason: They're bite-sized, easy to make, affordable, and best of all, they taste great when loaded with the right ratio of melted cheese and diced jalapenos. You get a burst of gooey salty cheese mixed with a kick of heat. You really can't go wrong. However, the hard truth is that you actually can be wrong from time to time, and unfortunately, the Jalapeno Poppers at Wienerschnitzel lead you down a path of disappointment.

The issue with these poppable starters is they're just not filled with enough of the good stuff we all expect from jalapeno poppers. Sure, there's cheese, but not enough of it. And yes, there are bits of diced jalapenos, but not enough to really give you any kind of heat. That mouthful of cheesy spice is completely missing with every bite, and that makes these a very skippable item on the menu.

10. Polish Sandwich

If you find yourself standing in line at Wienerschnitzel somehow without the urge to try one of its hot dogs, they have some other options for you. One of them is a sandwich called the Polish Sandwich. It happens to be the only sandwich on the menu, unless you believe a hot dog is a sandwich. The look and the name are definitely intriguing; when was the last time you had the chance to dabble in some Polish cuisine? However, this option, unfortunately, ends up being a big swing and a miss when it comes to delivering a flavor-packed sandwich.

The sandwich consists of rye bread with a Polish dog, Swiss cheese, a pickle spear, and a dollop of French's tangy mustard. Sounds totally legit. However, it's the bread that really does the sandwich a disservice. The richness of the Polish dog and the vinegary bite of the pickle play well together, and the Swiss cheese and mustard are also flavorful additions. However, the dryness of the rye bread really strips away the satisfaction of every other component. Don't make Wienerschnitzel the place where you try your very first Polish sandwich.

9. Lemonade Floats

After inhaling a variety of rich meat-heavy items at Wienerschnitzel, your palate is likely going to crave a completely different flavor profile to balance out the salty, fatty taste igniting the receptors on your tongue. That's where dessert comes into play. A sugary post-meal treat will always make your taste buds happy. Wienerschnitzel offers a decent variety of sweet snacks to round out your meal, but you should steer clear of the Lemonade Floats. While the name makes them sound like something you can't pass up, you totally can.

The floats come in three different flavors: Wild Berry, Watermelon, and Strawberry. While you might crave something sweet after a few hot dogs, you probably don't want something so sugary you feel cavities developing while you consume it. That's the issue here. These things are so sweet that it's a turnoff. It tastes like half a pound of sugar is dumped into each one. It's one of those sensations where afterward you feel like you need to immediately make a dental appointment. Avoid the cavities. Avoid the Lemonade Floats.

8. Chili Cheese Egg Burrito

Burritos are one of those awesome culinary creations that you can eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Throw some bacon, eggs, and cheese inside for an awesome way to start your morning. Or, load it up with steak and veggies for a great protein-packed lunch or dinner. When it comes to the burritos that Wienerschnitzel offers, they're filled with breakfast ingredients. The Chili Cheese Egg Burrito initially sounds like a great option to fill you up in the morning, but the name makes it sound better than it actually tastes.

The breakfast burrito is stuffed with scrambled eggs, shredded cheddar cheese, and Wienerschnitzel's world-famous chili. While the burrito isn't necessarily a complete waste of your money (it's quite filling if that's what you're looking for), the only real stand-out ingredient is the chili. The eggs and cheese aren't anything to write home about, which means two out of the three components are dull. And when it comes to food, you want more than a third of your meal to knock your socks off.

7. Bacon Ranch Chili Cheese Fries

It's hard to order a burger or a hot dog without also tacking on an order of fries. The crispy strips of golden fried potatoes pair so well with almost anything really. And any fry connoisseur knows that the only thing better than a regular old batch of french fries is a heaping pile of loaded fries. Wienerschnitzel has loaded fry fanatics covered with its Bacon Ranch Chili Cheese Fries. Yeah, there's a whole lot going on in that name, and there's even more going on in the actual platter of smothered fries.

When this platter of fries arrives, it looks intense. The crispy fries are slathered in Wienerschnitzel's famous chili, shredded cheddar cheese, creamy ranch dressing, and little salty bits of chopped bacon. Needless to say, there are a lot of flavors happening at once, but that's exactly what you want when you order loaded fries. All these ingredients also make for one messy handling experience, so you might want to get a fork and attack it like a salad. The world's most unhealthy salad, that is.

6. Corn Dog

Sometimes your hunger tells you it wants a whole bunch of different flavors in whatever you decided to nourish it with. The more complicated and intricate the meal the better. But sometimes, the exact opposite happens and you just want something simple but delicious. This is exactly where Wienerschnitzel's Corn Dog marches in like a deep-fried champion. When you want something simple that still packs a rich wallop, their Corn Dog is the right move.

Whoever thought to dunk a frank in batter and deep fry it deserves some kind of award. It's an uncomplicated process that yields incredible results. The hot dog that Wienerschnitzel uses is dipped into a sweet honey batter prior to the sizzling oil bath, which makes for a sweet bite that helps cut through the richness of the meat. Then, once it's beautifully golden brown, you can add whatever kind of condiment you want to it and enjoy. Plus, the fact that it's on a stick makes for a no-mess dining experience.

5. Texas BBQ Dog

A place that markets itself as the world's largest hot dog chain better have a decent selection of dogs to pick from, and Wienerschnitzel doesn't disappoint. Nearly all of the options have the choice of either a World Famous Original dog, all-beef dog, or Polish dog. However, the one option that doesn't offer customers a choice is the Texas BBQ Dog. This hot dog makes an attempt to capture all the delicious barbecue flavors that Texas is known for by topping an all-beef dog with barbecue sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, bits of bacon, and grilled onions.

While anyone familiar with authentic Texas barbecue might not be blown away, the dog itself is pretty darn tasty. The vinegary tang of the barbecue sauce cuts through the meaty richness of the hot dog nicely, and the grilled onions add sweetness on top of that. The melted cheddar and bacon add a nice salty punch and make this an item worth exploring if you have a hankering for barbecue.

4. Classic Banana Split

You've just put back a hot dog, some loaded fries, and maybe a burger. Now you're sitting in your chair about to slip into a serious food coma if you don't get some kind of sugary treat in you soon. What's the move? The answer to that question is Wienerschnitzel's Classic Banana Split. This plastic boat of all sorts of sweet flavors comes sailing in like a sugary hero to save you from the post-meal sleepiness you got from all that rich meat. After eating one of these things you'll have at least enough energy to make it back home to your couch.

What makes this dessert so desirable is the variety of flavors included in one order. A split banana bookends soft serve vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup, strawberry topping, pineapple topping, and whipped cream. Obviously, a cherry is also added for good measure. With so many delicious flavor profiles and the addition of a banana for a little boost of potassium, this dessert's definitely a winner.

3. Double Chili Cheeseburger

There are several stages of hunger. When the feeling first strikes, it's usually just a slight tugging at your appetite. Wait too long and an absolute beast begins to pace back and forth inside of you, clawing at your stomach walls and imploring you to immediately act. This ravenous creature is only tamed by something big and intimidating, and luckily, Wienerschnitzel has exactly the thing to quell its anger. The Double Chili Cheeseburger is a behemoth of a burger designed to eviscerate even the most intense hunger, and it plays its role perfectly.

The ingredients are simple on this one. Two juicy 100% USDA all-beef hamburger patties are topped with a slice of American cheese and a ladle full of Wienerschnitzel's famous chili and then placed on a toasted bun. Nothing complicated here, folks. Just a mouthful of juicy burger and a rush of zesty chili with every bite. By the time you get to the end of this thing, your appetite might just be waving its white flag in defeat.

2. Chicago Dog

If you've ever seen a picture of a Chicago-style hot dog and thought, "Well, unfortunately, I don't live anywhere near Chicago," don't worry: Wienerschnitzel knows just how awesome the franks from the Windy City are, so it did customers a huge solid and included a Chicago Dog on its menu. All you have to do is locate your nearest Wienerschnitzel to enjoy all the flavors of one of these loaded dogs. And when we say loaded, we mean it.

There are so many different ingredients on this hot dog it makes your head spin just listing all of them. The frank is topped with (get ready) tomato slices, fresh onions, a whole pickle spear, relish, sport peppers, a tangy drizzle of French's yellow mustard, and a sprinkle of celery salt. It might seem like overkill, but all of those flavors dance together beautifully in each bite. The vinegar of the pickle cuts through the rich hot dog meat, the celery salt helps the tomatoes and onions stand out, and the mustard gives the whole thing a tangy kick that keeps you wanting more. You can also opt for a pretzel bun instead of a steamed one, which cranks this beast up from 10 to 11.

1. Junkyard Dog

When you think of a junkyard canine, you usually picture an aggressive and grizzled dog that you definitely don't want to cross paths with. Well, the exact opposite can be said about the Junkyard Dog at Wienerschnitzel. Yes, this thing is a pretty aggressive combination of flavors, but this is one dog you absolutely want to cross paths with if you're hungry. It's a hearty handheld vessel of goodness that'll slap a grin across your mouth and leave your belly craving another one immediately. 

The Wienerschnitzel website states that "everything but the kitchen sink is served on this Wienerschnitzel favorite," and it's not lying. The smorgasbord of delectable intensity starts with a steamed bun and hot dog that gets topped with a heaping ladle of chili, grilled onions, french fries, a slice of American cheese, and French's mustard. This checks off all the boxes when you're seeking something with an explosion of amazing flavors. What really takes this dog to another level are the french fries. The crispy salty fried strips are the perfect addition to the chili, onions, and cheese. This is one dog that'll bite you in the taste buds in the greatest way possible, and it's the best thing on the menu.