How Guy Fieri Communicated With His Sister After Her Tragic Death

Grief is one of the most difficult and complicated emotions human beings experience. News in Health says that after a loved one dies, those left alive can endure a whole emotional crucible. Feelings of loss are common, as is rage, frustration, helplessness, guilt, despair, and a whole host of other feelings. It can impact a person's ability to function, and can last for a long time, making any hope of "moving on" extremely difficult.

When trying to cope with grief, many people find different ways to manage. Caitlin McColl wrote on Medium about how she would talk to her departed mother and express love to a dog she had recently lost, as she was thinking about getting a new rescue pup. Cancer.Net says that letting feelings out, staying active, maintaining a routine, and talking with those who are still alive are just a few of the ways suggested for dealing with a heartbreaking loss.

Many celebrity chefs have had to deal with tragedy in their life. When Paula Deen lost her parents, she became agoraphobic and could barely go to the supermarket. "It was hell. It was pure, unadulterated hell," said Deen about the experience. The demise of Queen Elizabeth managed to bring out a heartfelt and mournful side to the hate-spitting Gordon Ramsay, showing how transformative a little grief can be.

Guy Fieri has also had his share of loss, and has opened up about what helped him, and how he communicated with his sister after she died.

Messages from the departed can take many forms

Hearing from the dearly departed isn't nearly as rare as people think. The British Medical Journal did a study on people who have lost spouses, and it showed that as many as half of the bereaved individuals had some kind of message that came from the deceased. While these are scientifically referred to as "hallucinations" or "illusions," whether they are real or not is up to the individual to decide.

Guy Fieri is one of those who doesn't necessarily feel like messages from people who are beyond the mortal realm are hallucinations. He says that he has received "messages" from both his sister and his friend. These communications, Fieri says, usually take the form of "validation" and "affirmation." People says these messages became clear to him after he went to have a psychic reading done. "I was getting enough messages that I needed to go have this reading," explained Fieri. He said the whole experience was "mind blowing."

While the initial goal was to clarify the messages that Ruiz was broadcasting, Fieri says he also found out that his sister, Morgan, had been communicating with him the whole time. He describes the messages as being subtle. "It's not a booming voice from the sky but it's these feelings." He claims that she spoke to him through his emotions, rather than using words or appearing to him in a vision, like some have had happen.