The Custom Five Guys Shake And Fry Soup Reddit Is Calling Cursed

Five Guys is an American fast food chain known for slinging burgers and dogs, but their French fries have major fan appeal as well. They jam enormous quantities of fries into cups and dump a surplus right into your brown to-go bag that forms giant grease spots.

As a franchise, Five Guys takes French fries very seriously, only buying potatoes from Idaho and always serving them fresh. They're only cooked in peanut oil and twice-fried to achieve crispiness on the outside with a soft interior. Insider reports that there are even calibration tests to ensure quality. If it seems like you get massive amounts of fries with your order, it's because they do throw in an extra scoop to top off whatever size you buy. But lest you think you are getting some great deal from Five Guys, you should know that they factor these supplemental fries into their pricing.

Regardless of the cost equation, you'll probably want to find a sauce to dip all those excess fries in, whether ketchup or some other condiment. Some people have devised their own unique ways to enjoy Five Guys' fries, including one poster to the subreddit r/fiveguys who is grossing people out with his shake and fry soup concoction.

Sweet, salty, and ... soupy?

A Redditor with the fitting user name u/Significant_Shock161 delivered a shock to fellow forum contributors of the subreddit r/fiveguys when they posted an image of their Five Guys "famous shake and fry soup." It's a vanilla shake poured into an aluminum carton over French fries. The sweet, salty, and soupy combo was not well received by a majority of commenters.

One individual called it a "cursed image." Another person just cursed, using profanity to condemn the very idea of mixing a shake and fries together and "for everything that will come from this." User u/JoeMama6923 considered the move an offense worthy of notifying the food police: "Yes that's him officer. Right here." Those sentiments were echoed by another Redditor, who stated, "I'm calling the police."

Yet not everyone was disgusted with the shake-and-fry soup concept. In fact, one user said they do the same thing, but with an extra fast food twist. "Ohhh snap, you do this too? I add Wendy's chicken nuggets." Shake and fry soup might not catch on as a culinary trend anytime soon, but clearly there are some who see the appeal. Similarly, Totally The Bomb points out that there's a scientific reason why many Wendy's customers enjoy dunking fries into their Frosties.