Reddit Is In A Frenzy Over The Perfect Sauce To Pair With Trader Joe's Ravioli

Though ravioli was born in 14th-century Italy, it wasn't paired with marinara sauce until the 16th century. This is when tomatoes were introduced to Italy; before then, it was simply cooked in a broth that contained fresh eggs, cheese, and mixed greens. Today, traditional Italian ravioli is served with a tomato or cream-based sauce, and it's usually stuffed with meat, ricotta cheese, and herbs.

You may have seen the words ravioli and dumpling used interchangeably, which is technically inaccurate. According to WikiDiff, a ravioli is a small square full of meat and cheese, whereas a dumpling is a cooked ball of dough that may or may not have been stuffed. Still, it's not uncommon for other countries to have cultural differences when defining food, which is why ravioli globally has taken on additional stuffings when compared to the Italian version. If your ravioli differs from tradition, you may be stuck wondering what type of sauce is appropriate. This is exactly what happened to a Redditor who picked up a package from Trader Joe's.

The ravioli come stuffed with sweet corn, cheese, and herbs

When a Reddit user ran into the dilemma of choosing the perfect pasta sauce, they posed a question to the r/traderjoes subreddit. "Recommended pasta sauce for sweet corn, burrata, basil ravioli? TJ's just recommends olive oil." The original poster shared a photo of the pasta for reference.

Suggestions from fellow Redditors began to pour in. "Melted butter, parm, pasta water and more corn," read one post. "Olive oil, cracked pepper, and honey is our go to, it's great!," wrote another. Another user recommended adding "brown butter, sage, & lemon zest," while yet another suggested "melted butter" with "a little balsamic glaze" and cheese on top. Later, the original poster returned to reveal that they wound up creating an olive oil, lemon juice, and black pepper combination.

Per the Trader Joe's website, the product in question not only includes corn, burrata, and basil as the package suggests. It also implements cheddar, parmesan, and breadcrumbs. "These ingredients combine to create one delightfully flavorful filling," the website explains, adding that its goal was to create a taste perfect for summer. With fall in full swing, however, another option could be TJ's Autumnal Harvest Creamy Pasta Sauce.