Amberly Mckee

Photo of Amberly Mckee
Sevierville, Tennessee
Walters State Community College
Travel, Food, Culture
  • Amberly has been writing for numerous websites since she was 11.
  • She was a content writer for one of the biggest kitchen supply stores in America.
  • She is the owner and primary writer for her blog, Tipsy Atlas.


Amberly started her writing career as a celebrity gossip writer at the young age of 11. After completing her Associates at Walters State Community College, she started as a reporter and quickly moved to an editor position at a local newspaper. During her time at the newspaper, she started her own travel and food blog titled Tipsy Atlas. Most recently, she wrote content for a major restaurant supply company.


Amberly graduated with an Associates degree in English in 2017. There, she took multiple creative writing classes and various literature classes to prepare herself for future roles.
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