The Unexpected Partnership Jeni's Is Launching

Alcohol in ice cream is a relatively new yet intriguing concept many frozen treat spots are experimenting with. Where Tipsy Scoop may have paved the boozy way, many new ice cream companies and stores have been trying their hand at tipsy-inducing infusions. Jeni's is certainly no stranger: Jeni's 2021 holiday flavor collection featured a gingerbread flavor with an added kick of cognac, per Facebook, and its frose flavor had a lot of heads turning, according to Refinery29.

One of the most recently popular ice cream additions is whiskey — the unexpected ice cream ingredient has really been making a splash. Big-name companies have been chomping at the bit for a whiskey-infused treat. For instance, Kroger recently released a whiskey cake ice cream with whiskey swirls amongst the other flavors in the carton (via Instagram), and Häagen-Dazs has gotten tons of buzz for its Whiskey Hazelnut Latte flavor, per a press release. But Jeni's new whiskey collab may take the cake.

Another shot of whiskey

"Yeah. We spiked the eggnog," Jeni's brags in anticipation of their newest flavor. For a limited time, Jeni's has decided to re-release an updated holiday treat for you to add to your wishlist. The whiskey-infused eggnog flavor labeled Boozy Eggnog was first released in 2017 to rave reviews – David's Ice Cream Reviews, who called it "Perfect for the holidays," and Tami Dunn on YouTube touted it as "delicious" and "incredibly creamy." Now it's back with a new brand of whiskey in the mix: Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey.

The flavor, according information sent directly to Mashed, is an homage to Jeni's grandfather, whose eggnog followed a Midwestern tradition and was always spiked with whiskey. The ice cream itself comes in the form of an egg custard. With the whiskey blend, the flavor gives off notes of caramel and vanilla. The updated flavor officially releases on October 27th, but Splendid rewards members can get early access to the sweet and a bit saucy treat.