Kroger Just Dropped Two Decadent Ice Cream Flavors

America sure loves ice cream. According to Frozen Dessert Supplies, some of the most-loved ice cream flavors around the country are Buttered Pecan, Birthday Cake, and Moose Tracks, and of course, nothing compares to the original vanilla or chocolate varieties. While the tried-and-true standards are classics for a reason, grocery store chain Kroger is shaking things up with the introduction of two new ice cream flavors that have social media buzzing.

Instagrammer @candyhunting recently came across Kroger's Amber Whiskey Cake and Brown Butter Banana French Toast ice creams. "Kroger is launching two new ice cream pints under their Private Selection brand!" their post's caption read. "Amber Whiskey Cake has brown sugar ice cream, white cake pieces, chocolate chunks, and whiskey flavor swirls. Brown Butter Banana French Toast has banana cobbler ice cream, French toast pieces, and a brown butter swirl." Judging by the post's comment section, these unique and sophisticated new flavors have Kroger shoppers excited.

Love for the new Kroger's ice cream

Amber Whiskey Cake and Brown Butter Banana French Toast are the latest addition to Kroger's Private Selection line of frozen desserts, which also includes flavors like Caramel Truffle and Amaretto Cherry Cordial. Fans over on Instagram can't wait to try these new flavors, and the announcement has stirred up a ton of excitement.

Replies to the post poured in. "That banana one sounds amazing! I wish there were Kroger stores near me!" one unlucky shopper said, while another couldn't hold back their desire, proclaiming "Need need need that Brown Butter Banana French Toast!" Some lucky shoppers actually had the chance to taste one of the new varieties. One said "the whiskey cake is delicious!!" and another wrote "Just had the banana French toast last night! Amazing!" Another user fell even deeper in love with Kroger's ice cream, saying, "The Private Selection ice creams SLAP SO HARD." 

It seems like these new ice cream flavors have drummed up their fair share of enthusiasm. Is it worth the hype? You'll just have to find out for yourself.