Reddit Figured Out How To Use A Subway Sandwich As A Bong

With over 44,000 restaurants worldwide, Subway has become one of the biggest fast food chains in the world (via Statista). That's a lot of sandwiches and subs to be making — 9.4 billion in 2021 to be exact (via Statista). With its wide variety of breads, meats, cheeses, and toppings, there are even more endless customizations and combinations of sandwiches to make, leaving customers ample room for creativity and imagination.

With all of this open-ended opportunity, Subway has allowed customers to think out-of-the-box when it comes to their food orders. And with the fast food sandwich chain's "secret menu" now out in the open for customers to know about, it seems like you'll never taste all of the restaurant's many recipes and flavor combinations.

While you may think Subway sandwiches are meant only for eating, think again. The internet has never left society in the dark with videos popping up all the time of classic, common food orders being turned into creative masterpieces — like the Burger King breakfast charcuterie board – and used in other, more creative ways. Have you ever considered using your Subway sandwich as your next smoking device? Yeah, neither did we. Yet, there will always be people out there innovating with lofty ideas — and one recent experiment has seemingly left people shook.

The mighty 6-inch sandwich bong

A video posted on Reddit shows how a Subway six-inch sandwich can be used to get fly-high vibes. The video shows the Reddit user lighting up a section of the sub — obviously packed with his combustible herb of choice — before he's seen inhaling a deep breath. Lo and behold, his Subway sandwich-turned-bong innovation worked perfectly as he then expels a huge puff of smoke.

Of course, Reddit is having a field day with the newfound sandwich-smoking innovation. "Yoooo bro smokin tha sammy fr," someone commented. "Dude I saw a video last night at work where a dude smoked out a pizza crust and had the exact same idea, but I was gonna smoke out a foot long, beat me to it!" another person said. Others, though, weren't as impressed. "This is the most disgusting thing I've seen lol I love it," a Redditor commented. "What has society come to," declared another. Echoing that sentiment, someone else defeatedly declared, "2022 is the dark timeline."

While Leafly reminds us that apple pipes exist, should you find yourself without a smoking device, apparently next time you can try this bold invention out for yourself with your favorite Subway sandwich. Smoking the herb of your own choice, of course.