Twitter Can't Stop Talking About The Ultimate Restaurant Ramekin Hoarder

The word "hoarder" generally comes with a negative connotation. Images of unbelievable amounts of clutter often come to mind. This connection is partly attributed to the immense success of the Emmy-nominated show, "Hoarders." The show heightened awareness about hoarding disorder (via theĀ National Library of Medicine). According to Merriam-Webster, hoarding is defined as "the compulsion to continually accumulate a variety of items that are often considered useless or worthless by others accompanied by an inability to discard the items without great distress." The condition affects an estimated 2% to 5% of the population and is linked to other disorders such as impaired functioning, anxiety, and depression.

The success of the show has also shown that there is an appetite by the masses to fixate on the stories of individuals with the condition. The latest viral moment involved an unexpected item to hoard ... ramekins and other kinds of ill-begotten dishware. Per Today, a TikTok user uploaded, and then deleted, a video showing her collection of over 50 items she had taken from different restaurants. Putting the legality aside, when the video started circulating on Twitter, it quickly garnered significant traction, which resulted in over 2,500 comments.

Thou shalt not steal (yes, even ramekins)

After a TikTok user posted and then deleted a video of her discussing her hoarding collection of restaurant dishes that included stacks of stolen ramekins (via Today), Twitter could not stop discussing what they'd seen.

In the original tweet, @bonecarrier reposted the video with the caption, "This is so trifling lmaoooooo." Given the content of the video, it isn't a surprise that this was the general ethos of the over 2,700 comments.

"I just want to know how she got the pitcher," one bewildered user stated. One hilarious response said, "Imagine going out on a date with her, and they feed the both of y'all on disposable plates and styrofoam cups because they got her mugshot up in the back kitchen."

Despite the abundance of funny gifs and videos, not all users found the video comedic. One user stated, "I never understand the pride people feel at stealing from a food place and making the worker's life harder... I work at a coffee shop, and the amount of ceramic cups, spoons, plates and even ashtrays!? people stealing is baffling, the amount of sh*t I had to take from my boss is telling." No matter how one feels about the video, it is essential to remember that theft is not an acceptable practice when dining out.