Taco Bell's Hilarious Jab At Fox News Over Inflation

There's more to inflation than high prices. The truth is that many factors contribute to price rises — whether it's issues with the supply chain, stimulus packages, lack of employees, or increased demand for products. An unusual increase in inflation is being felt in numerous countries right now, and as John Oliver recently said, "Anyone loudly saying that one thing is the cause of inflation is either lying or has no idea what they're talking about." But the other thing the media knows is that "sensationalism sells." So it's always interesting when someone calls out a news organization for exaggerating a topic to create a reaction.

Recently, CIO of Kingsview Wealth Management, Scott Martin, was reporting on inflation via Fox Business's "Cavuto: Coast to Coast" when he said: "You want to know how bad inflation is? Yesterday, I had a nice lunch at Taco Bell. It cost me about $28." Host Neil Cavuto seemed taken aback, "Wait a minute," he asked. "You spent $28 for just yourself?" Martin replied, "For lunch, yeah." Many may agree that there's a difference between something that's expensive because of inflation and something that's expensive because you ordered an excessive amount of food. 

Media Matters for America writer Eric Kleefeld responded on Twitter with, "How is that even physically possible? Also, don't think I'll take financial advice from this guy." Many other Twitter users tried to work out exactly what Martin could have ordered that cost that much for a single meal. 

Taco Bell chimes in on the action

Taco Bell responded to Martin's claim on Twitter, saying, "14 x $2 Burritos = $28. What's your $28 order?" That's a lot of burritos!

Aaron Hutcherson, a writer for the Washington Post put Martin's claim to the test by attempting to buy $28 worth of items from Taco Bell. He came to the conclusion that "One can easily feed multiple people with an average appetite for the amount Martin spent on himself."  However, it seems Martin doesn't have an average appetite. He attempted to defend himself, posting a copy of what he claimed to be his order on Twitter. It included the following items: a Burrito Supreme for $6.09, Nachos BellGrande for $7.14, a large Mountain Dew for $3.79, and two tacos totaling $8.38 — which came to a grand total of $25.40. Many people pointed out that this was a lot of food for one person. Others pointed out the prices didn't seem correct, and user @scottinthe503 replied, "ah yes, let's take financial advice from someone who didn't know they could save 25% by ordering a combo meal."

Fox Business interviewed Martin to get his response to the social media backlash. He said, "People thought it was a lot of food. It's actually not that much. It's very expensive food, I'll give you that." With this type of appetite, perhaps a home-packed lunch with this Giant Burrito Recipe would be the best option for the news reporter to save some money. 

Taco Bell rewards those that speak up

Taco Bell appeared to be chuffed with the people who were calling out the Investment Officer on his large order. The fast food chain made offers to various people on Twitter who attempted to demonstrate the absurdity of what a $28 meal at the restaurant might look like. Twitter user @aecytosaur posted a screenshot of 'My Bag' from their Taco Bell app. It contained 13 tacos, 13 burritos and a diet Pepsi totaling $28.39. Several hours after the post the restaurant responded with: "Variety is the spice of life. Check your DMs". The Twitter user then posted the above image stating: "Massive thanks to Taco Bell for hooking me up with lunch today!" 

There were several others who managed to score a free deal from the Tex-Mex-themed outlet. @cosmicfade posted an image of an order for 9 Chili Cheese Burritos saying, "This will do." Taco Bell responded, "Yes, it will do. Check your DMs." Another Twitter user, @Capn_BB posted, "For $26.29, I have lunch for four people" along with a screenshot of a vegetarian meal order. Taco Bell came through again saying, "Can't let a Mexican Pizza aficionado and vegetarian in need of coffee down."

Inflation may still be high, but Taco Bell's fans proved there's still a place you can go for a reliably inexpensive meal.