Reddit Thinks Taco Bell Might Be Adding These Combo Meals

Images of new Taco Bell combo meals have been making the rounds on the Taco Bell subreddit. One is a cheddar chicken quesadilla combo that offers the quesadilla, a crunchy taco, and a large drink for $6.79. The other is a Cravings Trio that allows you to pick either a large drink or medium freeze to go with a combo of two of the following four foods: a Cheesy Double Beef Burrito, a Chalupa Supreme, a Cheese Quesadilla, or a Crunchwrap Supreme. Together, these three only cost $5.

Looking at the comments for the Cravings Trio, it seems that the combos are still in the test phase. One that has garnered the most attention is from an employee at one of the locations sighing in relief over the fact that the test was done. According to them, customers grew confused and complained that it wasn't in a box, tried to order three menu items, and tried to substitute tacos for the various options offered. In all likelihood, they were trying to order the Cravings Box, which is a deal that places three food items and a drink in a box for $10. 

"Before I even read this comment I thought 'This is too intellectual to work,'" another person replied. "My sister worked at a Burger King and some of the customers couldn't even get ordering a Whopper Combo right." But considering Taco Bell failed to differentiate the names, you can't blame the people ordering too much for all the confusion.

The rumored new Taco Bell items don't impress fans much

While there was some enthusiasm for the rumored new Cravings Trio's option of two Crunchwrap Supremes, the Cheddar Chicken Quesadilla was met with a more lukewarm welcome. The issue is that Taco Bell is hyping a product that is just a chicken quesadilla with cheddar cheese added. "If this is a test item it's embarrassing," one wrote. "May as well have a normal taco with jalapeño cheese sauce and call it an LTO at this point."

The OP explained that they did try both quesadillas and the new one was nothing exciting: "It's not bad but I'm kinda disappointed. If you like cheddar you'll like it. But overall I wouldn't order it again." In addition, others are worried that the Cravings Trio will soon replace the Cravings Box.

The bigger issue here is that these items are supposed to replace fan favorites that have been removed. When Taco Bell took away the Quesalupa in May, Entrepreneur reported on the sizeable disappointment with the decision. And in August 2019, Taco Bell described its decision to discontinue nine menu items as akin to decluttering a closet in a statement shared by Fox News. And to many, the new choices appear more like skimming the bottom of the barrel.